Last night, The Flash concluded its second season with a bang, capping off 23 episodes of comic book insanity airing since last October. Following a successful first season, Season 2 featured a lot of new elements, from Earth-2 and the entire multiverse to the added dangers of time travel. The Flash has already been renewed for Season 3, so viewers can expect even more speedster adventures on The CW this fall (along with their other superhero tales), but for now, there’s plenty to look back on from this season.

Now that a decent amount of time has passed to process The Flash Season 2 finale, we’ve decided to go over the 10 biggest twists that this season offered, listing them in chronological order. There was a lot to take in, but these are the biggest shockers you should remember and reminiscent about with your fellow fans during the hiatus.

Needless to say, there will be spoilers of all of The Flash Season 2 from this point forward.

ronnie raymond
Ronnie Raymond’s Death
In the months leading up to The Flash Season 2, fans knew there was a change coming with Firestorm. Robbie Amell wouldn’t be joining Victor Garber on Legends of Tomorrow, and it was revealed that Franz Drameh would play Jefferson Jackson, Martin Stein’s new other half as the Nuclear Man. So what was going to happen to Ronnie Raymond? That was answered in The Flash Season 2 premiere, when mere hours after Ronnie married Caitlin Snow, he and Martin became Firestorm and separated from each other within the singularity above Central City to destroy it. Barry saved Martin from plummeting to his death, but Ronnie didn’t make it out. Since then, Amell has only returned once to play Deathstorm, the Earth-2 Ronnie, and there are no (announced) plans to bring Earth-1 Ronnie back to life, especially with Martin and Jefferson working so well as the new Firestorm. At this point, the only way we’ll be seeing more of Amell on the series if if other alternate Ronnies are brought in.

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