Legends Of Tomorrow's Finale Just Introduced An Awesome Comic Book Hero

Spoilers below for Legends of Tomorrow.

Even after 16 episodes, it’s still somewhat shocking that Legends of Tomorrow exists, spinning a semi-procedural out of a time travel saga filled with heroes and villains from DC Comics lore. The Season 1 finale aired tonight, and after dealing out major blows to several main characters, the episode allowed its final moments to own up to the promise of a major comic character arriving to take these characters on a new adventure for Season 2. And that new character is Rex “Hourman” Tyler, which means we are absolutely getting the Justice Society of America next season. Which means squeeee!

With Vandal Savage now just a bloody-mouthed memory, the group was mostly whittled down to Firestorm, Heat Wave, Rip, Atom and Sara. But before anyone could pour a 40 out for their homies, another Waverider came hurtling erratically out of the sky and crashed before our confused heroes. As you can imagine, the hooded crash causer inspired even more head-scratching when he claimed Rip Hunter told him to show up at that exact spot at that exact time, and then warned them not to reenter their ship. Then, just before the metaphorical mic drop, he revealed he’s Rex Tyler, laminated card carrier of the Justice Society.


Not a bit of complexity about that surprising moment, and not a bit was needed. The mystery behind Rex Tyler’s arrival is more than enough, and the fact that he’s bringing in a new team of heroes to Season 2 has our expectations suddenly vaulting through the ceiling. We knew that plenty of DC characters were coming to the sophomore year, and Legends of Tomorrow spend part of its social media campaign teasing Justice Society members like Ma Hunkel and Sgt. Rock. But to actually see Hourman in the flesh, even if he doesn’t actually refer to himself as such, is divine.

You know what really helps, too? That Suits star Patrick J. Adams is the actor responsible for bringing this Golden Age icon to life. It’s going to be awesome to see him take on such a vastly different persona on a regular basis than Mike Ross, and I do hope his and other Justice Society members will be around for the bulk of the narrative, rather than something limited and fleeting.


Hourman was created by Ken Fitch and Bernard Baily and first hit the page in 1940. Rex Tyler, the hero’s first alter ego, was a chemist who discovered a vitamin that could give him superpowers for a limited time. (Hence the name.) Hourman got a little Requiem for a Dream in the comics due to an addiction to the vitamin, but I can’t imagine Legends of Tomorrow will use that emotionally complex side of the character’s past. Especially when there are a thousand other characters to pay attention to.

There was once a time when Hourman almost had his own show, but this is the best he’s getting for now. Make us proud, Patrick J. Adams, and maybe we’ll talk to The CW’s Time Masters about something more, so that they can banish us. Legends of Tomorrow will return to The CW for Season 2 this fall. In the meantime, check out everything premiering in the meantime with our handy summer TV schedule.

Nick Venable
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