Superhero series have the freedom to toy with the laws of physics and chemistry and biology on a regular basis, and audiences get to enjoy the fantastical in each episode. The Flash has been one of the superhero series most successful at making the fantastical just plain fantastic, and rarely has it been more fun than Barry’s first visit to Earth 2. While some things remained the same from Earth 1 to Earth 2, there were definitely plenty of major differences, and here's a look at the 10 best things The Flash gave us on Earth 2.

Barry and Cisco
1. Barry And Cisco’s Enthusiasm
It’s always nice to have an audience surrogate on TV to react the same way that we would, so watching Barry and Cisco geek out when they first arrived to Earth 2 was perfect. Who among us can claim that we wouldn’t immediately want to whip out our phones and take a selfie upon arriving in an alternate world? The boys probably should have been a bit more genre-savvy about not messing with their alternate selves considering their knowledge of sci-fi movies, but their enthusiasm was infectious and wonderful.

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