There are an awful lot of great things about Arrow and The Flash sharing a universe on The CW. Crossovers allow Team Arrow to deal with more of the fantastical and Team Flash to face the darker side of superheroism, and the world being larger for all of the characters allows for greater creative story potential for both shows. Besides, since Cisco has become the Flarrow-verse version of James Bond’s Q, the teams have more fancy gadgets than they know what to do with. The very best thing about Arrow and The Flash sharing a universe, however, is the bromance between Oliver Queen and Barry Allen. With Oliver as the curmudgeonly big brother and Barry as the upbeat little brother, the duo never fails to be hilarious and heartwarming together. So, here are ten of the most bromantic moments between Arrow and The Flash that should hit the spot.

Flarrow Bro Hug
10. Hugging It Out In Central City
Some people are just not huggers, and Oliver Queen is evidently one of them. Sure, he’s been known to bust out the hugs from time to time, but he’s much more likely to manfully nod and go into a flashback than open his arms. Still, even Oliver couldn’t refuse Barry when Barry happily reminded him that he can just sneak hug him with his superspeed, and the boys hugging it out in the light of day in Central City was a great moment in the Arrow half of the latest major Flarrow crossover. They may not have been 100% on the same page vis-à-vis Oliver’s baby mama drama, but the hug was a nice reminder that at least they’ll always have each other.

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