While some Orange is the New Black fans are surely trying to pace themselves, enjoying one episode at a time and trying to make all of that orange goodness last, some of us aren't quite as patient. By this point, fans who took the binge-watch route may have already made it through the second season, by which point we're ready to start talking about the third. Yes, Season 3 is definitely happening and no, it's not too soon to start talking about it. Unless you haven't finished Season 2, in which case SPOILERS ahead!

The second season of Orange is the New Black allowed us to get to know some of the inmates a bit better, but we still want more! After finishing Season 2, we're left with an appetite for more information on quite a few characters, either because they still haven't gotten their own episodes, they weren't around much in Season 2, or they were but proved to be even more interesting, making us want to know them better. Here are ten characters we hope to get to know even better in Season 3! (Once again, if you haven't finished Season 2, read no further! Spoilers ahead!)

Brooke Soso
Has not had her own episode yet.

New to Orange is the New Black in the second season, Soso arrived as kind of a flaky, possibly privileged girl, who turned out to be kind of a major hippie, refusing to eat meat and engaging in hunger strikes. Her interest in activism could be what led her to her incarceration, but that's just a guess, as we know almost nothing about her background, beyond the fact that she's a chatty-Cathy whose mouth somehow didn't manage to get her into major trouble in Season 2. Let's see some Soso flashbacks in Season 3!

Poussey Washington
Has had at least one featured episode.

Samira Wiley has been promoted to series regular for Season 3 of Orange is the New Black, so hopefully that means Poussey will have an even bigger presence in the third season. With that said, it was great getting to know her better in Season 2, as Poussey had her own episode, revealing that she's bilingual, is a military brat with a (seemingly) supportive father, and nearly attacked her father's military boss (indicating she might have some violent impulse control issues). Poussey's friendship with Taystee hit a rough patch in Season 2, but it looked like they were on the road to recovery by the end. We can't wait to see what's next for Poussey, and hopefully learn more about her background leading to her going to prison.

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