Among the better series to debut this Spring was CW's The 100. The sci-fi drama was featured with a panel at Comic-Con last week, and we had the opportunity to sit with the cast and creator Jason Rothenberg to talk about what's ahead. Everyone was careful to avoid major spoilers, but we were able to get some interesting tidbits about Season 2.

Just as a refresher, when Season 1 left off -- spoilers if you aren't caught up, obviously -- people on the Ark returned to Earth, while the fight between the 100 and the Grounders leads to chaos, possibly some major casualties, and the capture of Anya, Clarke, Monty and others. The season ended with Clarke waking up in some kind of secured facility. Monty is locked up in the room across the hall. The place is called "Mount Weather Quarantine Ward" and that's about all we know about it so far. But it sounds like Season 2 will fill us in on this mysterious place.

Mount Weather will be revealed right away - Jason Rothenberg says Season 2 picks up with Clarke at Mount Weather. The clip that was shown during the panel reveals Clarke's reaction to being incarcerated, and from the sound of it, it's a very drastic (and violent) one. The clip cuts out with Clarke getting to see what's outside that facility. So it sounds like we won't have to wait look to see where she is.

Multiple stories will converge. - Season 1 left off with the characters divided in the end, with some being locked up at Mount Weather, some coming down from space, and some elsewhere. Jason Rothenberg says reunions are a key storyline in Season 2.

Expect more politics and a focus on different societies - "We're going to explore how they all relate and who stands where," Devon Bostick says, referring to the different societies featured within the series. "What's really going on here. What do the mountain men do? What are the Grounders all about? Who are they?"

The Ark is basically gone, but Mount Weather is kind of like an underground spaceship - In terms of the tone of the series, and the contrast between Earth and elsewhere, it sounds like the underground facility will replace the ark. "We'll have a similar cutting device, where we can cut from the wild untamed Earth and this claustrophobic environment in Mount Weather, which is really what the ship was last year. So, it feels like the same show, it's just a very different place that we're going to."

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