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The CW has two new sci-fi dramas set to arrive this winter. While Star-Crossed will premiere next week, the network released a new trailer for their young adult survival drama The 100, which centers on a group of adolescent delinquents who are sent down from a space-set ark where humanity has been living since Earth became inhabitable. As the trailer indicates, the kids are faced with exploring the abandoned planet to see if the place is fit for human habitation again. Of course, there's more to survival than facing whatever's waiting for them on Earth. They have to survive each other as well.

Premiering March 19 at 9:00 p.m. (after Arrow), The 100 is set in the future after a nuclear Armageddon wrecked Earth and forced mankind's only survivors to abandon the planet on 12 international space stations. Three generations later, their numbers have multiplied but resources on the ark are running low and 100 delinquent teens are exiled to Earth to see if the planet is hospitable. Among the cast are Eliza Taylor, Henry Ian Cusick, Paige Turco, Kelly Hu, Isaiah Washington and Marie Avgeropoulos. The series is based on a book by Kass Morgan and developed by Jason Rothenberg.

It looks like Lord of the Flies meets Hunger Games, and I'm thinking that's more or less what the CW wanted when they sent this one to series. We had a pretty good idea that the network was shopping around for a Hunger Games-like project that focused on kids in futuristic survival situations before finally settling on The 100. The trailer teases adventure, violence, survival drama, disfigured animals, strange skulls and even a bit of science-fiction space business. With all of that combined, this series seems a bit outside of CW's wheelhouse, but not so much when we consider the network has been expanding that wheelhouse quite a bit in recent years with everything from vampire drama (The Vampire Diaries and The Originals) to superheroes (Arrow and hopefully Flash) and period dramas (Reign and The Carrie Diaries). Whether or not The 100 manages to become one of the network's hits remains to be seen, but it certainly has the potential to be a thrilling new drama for the network, especially as it relates to the kids-without-supervision aspect of the story.

Here's another recently released trailer, titled "No rules."

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