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The Avengers is the gift that keeps on giving for Disney, with Hulk-size box office numbers totaling more than $1 billion globally already. So why wouldn't ABC want to cash in on that in their own way? It looks like the network is aiming to do just that with a Hulk TV series being developed for the 2013-2014 season.

The Avengers had a lot of great things going for it, including plenty of great moments. Pretty much every scene involving the Hulk or his alter ego Dr. Bruce Banner were worth talking about afterward. So the timing most certainly seems right to develop a Hulk-focused series. Whether it's being considered a reboot of The Incredible Hulk or entirely new adaptation of the Marvel comic is unclear. But TV Line did report that a series was in development with Marvel. So we'll have to keep an ear out for more news on this, including who might be up for the role of Bruce Banner.

In other news coming from the press conference call ABC president Paul Lee did today, it looks like they're aiming to push new drama series Mistresses off to next summer. That's the one starring Alyssa Milano and Lost's Yunjin Kim. Given the soapy sounding premise, with a focus on a group of women and their scandalous lives, summer might just be a good fit for it.

Finally, Dancing with the Stars fans might be pleased to know that the network is planning to do an All Star season featuring fan-favorites from the past seasons. I expect "fan favorite" is subject to celebrity availability/interest. As a non-fan of the season, I'm more or less indifferent toward this news, but All Star seasons are always exciting. It'll be interesting to see who comes back to participate. While they haven't formally labeled it as such, I think Dancing with the All Stars is a fitting title for the season.

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