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You would think that working on The Walking Dead would take a lot of time and effort, but one of the nice things about being an executive producer is that you have the freedom and ability to take on multiple projects at once. This is exactly what The Walking Dead’s Gale Anne Hurd is doing, as reports this week indicate she’s taking on a new project. The good news? It will keep her in the horror TV genre. The project is called Lore.

If it moves forward to series, Lore will be be based on the successful podcast of the same name, which currently follows real-life horror stories from throughout human history. The format of the potential will follow the format of the podcast and will be an anthology narrative, featuring narrated sequences and some acting. According to THR, Gale Anne Hurd, Ben Silverman, Howard T Owens, Brett-Patrick Jenkins and Aaron Mahnke—who created the podcast—will executive produce. Hurd describes the story as the stuff that will "keep you up at night."

Aaron Mahnke’s podcast is pretty popular, with 2 million users tuning in each month. Thirty installments of the podcast have been produced so far. Despite the podcast’s popularity, the TV version of Lore is still a long way from hitting the small screen. So far, the horror project is in the very early stages. A network has not even expressed interest in the project as of yet, which means we are pre-script or pilot commitment at this point. We'll let you know as soon as a network or streaming service decides to move forward with Lore.

The premise of the potential project sounds intriguing. While TV is less into the supernatural horror craze than it was a few short years ago, Lore would actually look into the origins of these types of stories, and would teach us about the origins of legends and more. Yes, that includes the origins of zombie-lore. Even if vampires are less exciting than they used to be, horror is in thanks to TV fodder like American Horror Story and Penny Dreadful. Plus, if you were ever wondering about the history behind Robert Kirkman’s eventual Walking Dead series spawned from, this project might be one for you.

If you aren’t familiar with Lore, you can check out the podcast, here.

Gale Anne Hurd is a pretty busy lady beyond the realm of The Walking Dead. She is also a producer on Fear The Walking Dead and the Syfy program Hunters. Moving forward, she will have USA’s Falling Water coming up. If Lore does keep moving forward, she'll have a lot of shows to juggle, but there's also a lot of money to be made.
Lore will move forward, we do know The Walking Dead will definitely be returning for Season 7 this fall. You can check out what we know about the upcoming episodes before the big premiere. In addition, you can check out what else TV has coming up this summer with our summer TV premiere schedule.

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