You can't have a great television show without great characters. It's just not possible. And since 2014 was such a solid year for TV, there were a ton of new characters that made an indelible impression on audiences. Whether they showed up on a brand new series, as part of an expanding ensemble or simply as a one-off guest star, this bunch stood out from the pack. Here are the 15 best new television characters of 2014...

15. Professor Annalise Keating
When it was announced that Viola Davis would be starring in Shonda Rhimes' latest TV show, I had a feeling the character would quickly become one of the best on the small-screen and she didn't disappoint. Professor Annalise Keating on (Peter Nowalk's) How To Get Away With Murder is a genius with nerves of steel, both of which come in handy when dealing with her firm's high-profile case of the week as well as her prestigious law class. The master manipulator doesn't mess around in the courtroom but cracks begin to show in her stoic exterior when her personal and professional lives intersect and the students she personally selected find themselves caught in the middle of a murder plot. Of course, those cracks may or may not be real as everything seems to be part of Professor Keating's master plan. Yeah, turns out she's a tough nut to crack, which only makes her more fascinating to watch.

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