6 Characters The Flash Season 3 Needs To Bring Back

If I would have recently developed speedy powers due to a particle accelerator explosion, I'd zip back in time to right before Barry saved his mom, and I'd ask him to really and truly consider the consequences of his actions. (I'd also need the power to be able to enter fictional universes.) Barry completely altered the timeline in the Season 2 finale, making it nearly impossible to figure out where the show is headed. in Season 3. But we definitely know who we want to see when it gets here.

Here are 6 characters that The Flash absolutely needs to bring back to the action in Season 3, regardless of how it has to happen within the story. Fans know that The CW's superhero shows are famous for familiar faces showing up at random, so there's a better-than-good chance that every one of these folks will come back to Central City in the future.

mark hamill trickster the flash


If you're not completely invested in Mark Hamill reprising his villainous role of James "Trickster" Jesse in Season 3, then I don't know why I decided to give you the other half of this exploding yo-yo locket. Hamill originally donned the multi-colored tights for the 1990 Flash series (also starring John Wesley Shipp) and appeared in one episode in each of the first two seasons. The cast and crew love the actor, and he loved his time on the show, so if all things Star Wars can let him out of sight for a week, then nothing should stand in the way of Trickster trying to put the jokes on Barry one more time. At least.

iris west the flash season 2

Earth-2 Iris West

Such an important part of The Flash's comic book history, Iris West has largely been a reactionary character in live-action, used mostly for emotional beats and romantic moments. But when Barry and Cisco took their trip to Earth-2 in Season 2, viewers got to see an vastly different version of her than we'd seen before. Earth-2 Iris was the badge-donning cop of the family, with far more spunk than Earth-1 Joe could muster. This is the kind of Iris that I wish would be bringing the badassery to Team Flash on a weekly basis, but if it can only happen again through a limited appearance in Season 3, I won't be crooning any sad jazz songs next to Earth-2 Joe.

wade elling the flash season 2

General Wade Elling

Like Mark Hamill, Clancy Brown doesn't really need me to justify his return to The Flash, since Clancy Brown should be in every show on TV. But time and scheduling are an issue, I understand, and it's not as if Brown's General Elling is someone who could really exist on this show on a permanent basis. But we know we're going to see the meta-gorilla Grodd returning in Season 3, which provides and obvious and completely natural opportunity to bring Elling back into the S.T.A.R. Labs fold. Of anyone that could assist The Flash in this case, we know that Elling won't be guilty of monkeying around. (Cisco would have laughed.)

Earth-1 Harrison Wells

Earth-1 Harrison Wells

For the majority of _The Flash _Season 1 and 2, there was really no purpose or opportunity for the show to delve back into the life of Earth-1 Harrison Wells. Now that Barry has seemingly stopped Reverse-Flash from killing Nora Allen, though, there's the possibility that not only will the original Harrison Wells be saved from disintegration, but he might also show up as the brainy mind that Barry seeks out for advice after his massive timeline snafu. We only got to meet the original Wells for a little while as he was planning his particle accelerator, and it would be great to see Tom Cavanagh playing a genuinely happy guy with a living wife for at least an episode or two.

lisa snart the flash season 2

Lisa Snart

While we got to know Leonard "Captain Cold" Snart quite well during both seasons of The Flash and the freshman season of Legends of Tomorrow, we only got to catch up with Peyton List's sassy sister Lisa once in the past year. (And it involved the death of Lewis Snart, meaning we probably won't get the great Michael Ironside back, which just sucks.) Nothing really needs to be done for List to reprise the role in Season 3, either, as it could be in a timeline-skewed appearance (where Leonard could become Citizen Cold if it goes Flashpoint) or in an attempt to broaden Cisco's love life. I mean, give her another storyline beyond gal pal, certainly, but Lisa and Cisco totally need a night alone together, cameras definitely not rolling.

black siren the flash

Black Siren

Arrow fans spent the majority of Season 4 wondering just who was going to be inside of the grave seen in the flash-forward, and when it was revealed to be Laurel Lance, it looked like actress Katie Cassidy was finished with this universe. But that wasn't the case, and the actress' debut in Central City as Earth-2 villain Black Siren was an absolute delight. She was the exact opposite of Laurel, exuding sass and villainous class, and she even had a better costume than Black Canary did. It's an easy way to keep Cassidy in the DC/CW fam without the need for these shows to once again raise someone from the dead, and Black Siren is easily more worthy of returning than some of the more forgettable rogues.

The Flash will return to The CW for Season 3 presumably in October. Let us know who you need to see coming back to the show. And in the meantime, head over to our summer TV schedule to see what you can check out over the next few months.

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