The Suprising Co-Star True Blood's Alexander Skarsgard Thinks Is The Best Kisser

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As a former True Blood cast member, Alexander Skarsgard has kissed a lot of people on sets. Throw in more recent roles on television and the big screen, and you'll realize Skarsgard has kissed a slew of actors and actresses, including but not limited to Margot Robbie, Nicole Kidman, Anna Paquin, Ryan Kwanten, Kristin Bauer van Straten and many, many more. Recently, he revealed which of his co-stars is the best kisser, and it's probably not who you would guess:

I gotta say, Ryan Kwanten is a surprisingly good kisser, actually. Very tender. You wouldn't think it because he's kind of a tough guy, but he's got a very soft, gentle, tender touch.

During a recent episode of the Australian TV series The Project, the actor made an appearance in support of his new miniseries Big Little Lies. During the interview, he was asked to select the best of the Australian actors and actresses he has kissed during projects. Sadly, this means Paquin and van Straten are out. He thought about it for a brief second before admitting that it was Ryan Kwanten who was the best kisser, practically making the entire audience swoon.

Alexander Skarsgard's character Eric Northman had gotten up to a lot of random stuff during True Blood's run on HBO, but one of the most memorable moments was when he hooked up with Sookie's brother, Jason Stackhouse, on the series. The hook-up ended up being a dream sequence, but it has tickled fans in the time since nonetheless, probably because it was one of the steamier moments in the series, but also because it was so out of character for Ryan Kwanten's Jason Stackhouse.

What ended up happening was Eric fed Jason his blood in order to help heal him after his ordeal at the Vamp Camp. At the time, Eric Northman even made a comment to Jason about "dreaming" nice things about the character and shortly into the next season, Eric made his first appearance of the season in a dream Jason had that ended up being pretty steamy. And when we say steamy, we mean it.

Obviously, the gay sex dream sequence ended up being one of the most memorable segments in True Blood Season 7, and while Alexander Skarsgard was being a little cheeky when responding to the interviewer on The Project, it's clear that he's serious that Ryan Kwanten is a good kisser. If he had to remember anything about his time on True Blood, we're not too sad it was that.

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