Margot Robbie And Alexander Skarsgard Look Fantastic In First Legend Of Tarzan Pic

Despite being years in the making, and reports that the film might be one huge mess, Warner Bros' The Legend of Tarzan hasn't let anything stop it from accomplishing one goal. Apparently, that goal is to look abs-olutely stunning, as you can see in our first look at leads Alexander Skarsgard and Margo Robbie in a tender embrace. Check it out below:

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Let's get the obvious out of the way: Robbie and Skarsgard both look absolutely fantastic, even if they're somewhat dirtied up. Also, from the further clues that USA Today dropped alongside the photos, this scene is more than likely a flashback to Tarzan's more wild days in the jungle. This is because The Legend Of Tarzan is going to focus on the later point in our hero's life, where he's reclaimed his title as John Clayton III, Lord Of Greystoke; and is living with his wife, Jane, in Victorian England. While his life may be more civilized, there's still a wild man waiting to escape from within.

The presence of new promotional materials couldn't come sooner, as the film is gearing up for a July 2016 release date. Though considering the problematic timeline The Legend Of Tarzan has embarked upon, as its director David Yates was last seen under the gun to deliver both a finished product for his current film, as well as continue filming his current project, Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them. Seeing as there is photographic evidence that this film is still on track, we wouldn't be surprised if we saw a teaser trailer drop in the next couple of days – with hopes of attaching it to this weekend's In The Heart Of The Sea.

What also helps The Legend Of Tarzan's box office chances is that it happens to have Margo Robbie in its cast. An actor whose star has not only risen with her casting in Suicide Squad, Robbie was also recently crowned one of this year's biggest stars according to IMDB. Pairing her with the notable Alexander Skarsgard, who jumped into this project fresh off his long term run on HBO's True Blood, makes for a leading couple that are ready to take the world of blockbusters by storm. Looking at Skarsgard's abs, it seems like this film is bound to make a fair amount of fans on that aspect alone.

Of course, the major downside of the first photo from The Legend Of Tarzan is the fact that it doesn't really show off the more adventurous aspect of the Tarzan franchise. Sure, Tarzan and Jane's romance is a central pillar to the traditional structure of the story, but there's also a fair amount of vine swinging and tree climbing that makes a film such as this a must see summer spectacle. Considering the fan-base of the property, as well as the marketing fail of the last big budgeted Edgar Rice Burroughs adaptation fresh in people's minds, it looks like there's still a lot of work that needs to be done to sell this movie.

The Legend Of Tarzan swings into theaters on July 1, 2016.

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