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Where Ser Pounce Has Been, According To A Major Game Of Thrones Actor

Margaery Tyrell Ser Pounce and Tommen Baratheon

Game of Thrones has amassed a huge cast of characters over the years, so we can never expect to see every single main character in every single episode. In fact, some characters can go years without showing up on the series. For all we know, Gendry is still rowing his way from Dragonstone toward King's Landing. One character that seems to have disappeared without any explanation is none other than Ser Pounce. Tommen's cat was introduced back in Season 4 when Tommen was first starting his reign as king, but Ser Pounce has been mysteriously absent in seasons six. According to Tommen actor Dean-Charles Chapman, the feline knight has better things to do.

Ser Pounce must be lying around somewhere. He's a bit of a diva. [Laughs] He's probably drinking some cocktails somewhere, laying out in the sun.

Dean-Charles Chapman shared his theory regarding Ser Pounce's current whereabouts in a chat with THR, and it unfortunately does not paint Ser Pounce in a very flattering light. It's certainly true that knights in King's Landing tend to not be shining beacons of heroism, but Ser Pounce seemed like the kind of fellow who would stick by his liege lord no matter what. He didn't even flee the city when Joffrey reportedly threatened to kill him and mix his innards into Tommen's food. Ser Pounce clearly had strength of character, so the big question now relates to what could have driven him away.

A simple answer would be that Ser Pounce interpreted his introduction to Margaery Tyrell as a sign that Tommen would no longer need his guidance. Margaery didn't take too long to sway Tommen away from trusting his mother; surely Ser Pounce would have been next on Margaery's list after Cersei. Ser Pounce wouldn't want to stick around and risk a walk of shame like Cersei's. The former queen is pulling off the short hair look, but Ser Pounce really couldn't keep his dignity as a knight if he had to walk around naked and furless all the time.

A more interesting answer is that Ser Pounce actually has an agenda of his own in King's Landing and has set his plan in motion already. Now, all he has to do is wait for everything to fall into place. Cats are known for their cunning, and Ser Pounce must have had some political savvy to have worked his way up to top cat of Tommen himself. Tommen already admitted that he had Ser Pounce when he was still Prince Tommen; perhaps Ser Pounce was an accessory to Joffrey's murder so as to become cat of the king.

Book fans must have spent the last couple of seasons wondering just what happened that Tommen's second cat Lady Whiskers never showed up in the series along with Ser Pounce. Game of Thrones may well just have taken some timing liberties with this plot point and waited to introduce Ser Pounce's fair lady at a later date. Ser Pounce may have some kitty company as he enjoys his cocktails in the sun somewhere.

Only time will tell if Ser Pounce will make an appearance on Game of Thrones anytime soon. There are only two episodes left in Season 6, so if he plans to show up before 2017, he's going to have to get moving. To see if Ser Pounce makes it back into Tommen's life in the next two episodes of Game of Thrones, be sure to tune in to HBO at 9 p.m. ET on Sundays.

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