Fuller House Season 2 Is Bringing Everyone Together For One Huge Episode

Fuller House has been gearing up for Season 2 for a little while, now, and we've recently learned some details about the upcoming episodes that are getting us pretty excited. In fact, this week we found out the Netflix comedy plans to bring everyone together for one huge episode. Well, at least nearly everyone. Even better? It's going to be a very special episode.

Obviously, the Olsen twins have been pretty outspoken about not wanting to appear on Fuller House, so we're pretty confident they are out. However, it looks like the rest of the former Full House cast members, along with the new actors and actresses on the series, will come together for one big episode during Season 2. Namely, we now know the big episode will be Thanksgiving-themed. You can see some big names looking over the script for the episode in an image Jodie Sweetin posted to Instagram, below.

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Themed episodes are common in sitcoms. Among those themed episodes, holiday episodes are also incredibly popular. However, between eight seasons of Full House and one season of Fuller House, there has only been one Thanksgiving we've been able to celebrate with the Tanner family. That episode was the Full House episode "The Miracle of Thanksgiving," a Season 1 episode that followed Danny Tanner trying to make Thanksgiving special in the first year after his wife had died. Danny, Uncle Jesse and Uncle Joey ended up getting coerced into cooking and the results were disastrous.

It's been quite some time since we saw that first Thanksgiving episode, and hopefully someone in the Tanner family will have developed the skills to put together a reasonable turkey setup with all the fixings. We don't know what the plotline will be like, yet, but I'm also hopeful that we will get one of Fuller House's signature dance montages in the episode, especially now that Jodie Sweetin has a little more experience on that front. In addition, it should be nice to see the characters from the original series come back together for the big episode, as it's been more common to see one or two characters pop up rather than have the whole gang back together.

Fuller House is already in production for Season 2 and for his part, John Stamos recently released an amusing promo for the already-renewed comedy. The Netflix show hasn't announced a premiere date yet, but if the schedule is anything like last season's, we'll probably get new episodes early in 2017. For now, you can find out what we know about Fuller House Season 2 or check out what else Netflix has coming up with our streaming premiere schedule.

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