Grant Gustin Just Made Some Bold Claims About The Flash Season 3

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Grant Gustin is living a good life right now. As the titular city-saver on The Flash, he's given one of the most well received superhero portrayals on the big or small screen, and his show is in the middle of an unprecedented single network multiverse of comic book dramas. And if Gustin's own bold claims are to be believed, the show is only going to get more impressive for Season 3.

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Grant Gustin certainly wouldn't have been off base had he called it the craziest start to a season yet, or possibly even the most unpredictable one, since we now know The Flash will dive right into its own iteration of the acclaimed Flashpoint comic book storyline, which could have untold ripples everywhere else in these worlds. That beats out the first couple of Season 1 episodes and even Season 2's Zoom introduction in terms of crazy and unpredictable.

But it remains to be seen if it's the "strongest," of course. After all, the very first episodes had no wild expectations going into them, and Season 2 kicked things off in a pretty great way, what with Ronnie's death and Henry's release and "Jay Garrick's" arrival. I imagine that seeing Barry and Nora's confusing reunion, combined with a completely whacked- out timeline, could create some startling and cheer-worthy reveals, akin to all the weird shit happening with Earth-2. Will they indeed be stronger in nature than past set-ups, though?

And while I still have handy my giant magnifying glass that works specifically on actor's claims and not real mystery clues, I look but cannot find the conviction that such a supposed strong start to The Flash Season 3 guarantees a strong finish, something to worry about since the Zoom storyline arguably went off the speed rails a time or two before he was taken away by Time Wraiths. Not that Gustin could know, as none of those late-season episodes have been crafted yet, but maybe "Barry" has access to websites from the future where he can tell if audiences were pleased with the season finale or not.

For all that I'm pretending to stand here sternly wagging a finger at potentially false claims about a TV show, I can't wait for Season 3 to get here, regardless of whether or not it's the strongest or most coherent first couple of episodes. Even when this show is frustrating, which isn't often, there's still nothing quite like it elsewhere on TV. I'm ready to meet all the new characters and volley quips with returning characters and dammit, why isn't there a toy version of Cisco's lab out in stores yet?

The Flash will return to The CW for Season 3 on Tuesday, October 4. To see everything premiering before and after, check out our summer TV schedule and our fall TV schedule.

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