WWE's Cody Rhodes Is Taking His Arrow Season 5 Appearance Seriously, Check It Out

We all love Arrow, but the antics of the Emerald Archer's real life counterpart, Stephen Amell, have often proved just as entertaining as the stories that take place within Star City. One such adventure involves his long-running feud with former WWE icon Stardust a.k.a Cody Rhodes -- a hilariously bizarre conflict that has captured our collective imagination for well over a year. The Amell/Stardust rivalry will soon even make its way into the events of Arrow's fifth season, and based upon the pro-wrestler's recent social media posts, it appears that he has absolutely no intention of taking any prisoners. Prepare for the rematch of the century, folks.

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Stardust a.k.a Cody Rhodes recently took to Twitter in order to get his fans excited about his upcoming appearance on Arrow, and it totally worked. As many of us expected, it looks as though Rhodes' character will present a fairly substantial physical threat to Team Arrow, as the former WWE star's picture shows him entering a gym to begin a presumably rigorous training regimen. Who knows, maybe Rhodes will even hop on the salmon ladder. On the back of his custom Arrow Season 5 training warm-ups, we see the phrase "Team Rhodes" printed on the jacket, with the words "Destroy Queen" printed directly below.

It's difficult to glean specific plot details from a behind-the-scenes picture like this, but the words printed on the back of the jacket seem to give us some indication as to Cody Rhodes' exact target on this season of Arrow. The fact that the jacket expresses his intention to destroy Oliver Queen and not the Green Arrow leads us to believe that Cody Rhodes' character could take the form of a political assassin, or some sort of Star City thug intent on disrupting the local government. This would make sense when we consider the fact that Oliver Queen officially took up the mantle of Star City Mayor during the Season 4 finale, thus making his daytime persona just as much of a crusader for Justice as his vigilante persona.

The feud between Stephen Amell and Cody Rhodes has become one of the most entertaining bits of "reality" entertainment in recent memory. It all began last year when Stardust called out Stephen Amell for knowing his "true" identity as The Arrow, and subsequently came to a head when the two threw down with one another at WWE SummerSlam in August 2015. Although Stephen Amell emerged as the victor of that match, the two have continuously fired shots at one another in recent months, and it looks as though a rematch is in the works that will take place on the streets of Star City. Needless to say we're incredibly excited.

Oliver Queen has taken part in a number of amazing fights since Arrow premiered in 2012, but we have a feeling that his battle with Cody Rhodes will be one for the books. We will keep you up to date with anything and everything related to the Arrow-verse before the show premieres next fall. Until then, make sure to check out our summer premiere schedule for more information regarding all of the most highly anticipated summer television debuts.

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