Watch Stephen Amell Fly Off The Top Ropes At WWE SummerSlam

There are a lot of celebrities who are very into wrestling. Occasionally, these celebrities find themselves involved in their very own WWE plotlines. Such has been the case with Arrow star Stephen Amell over the past few months as he’s traded verbal jabs and even a physical altercation with Stardust. Well, tonight, all the build up finally paid off when the actor jumped into the squared circle for a tag team match alongside Neville against Stardust and Wade Barrett and spoiler alert: he actually handled himself really well. Watch him sell out from the top ropes below…

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The rest of the article contains spoiler alerts from SummerSlam. So, if you haven’t watched it and are planning to, you should probably take a hike.

As for the match itself, Stephen Amell performed very, very well. He and Neville won the match, but more importantly, he actually looked like he put time and effort into trying to learn the craft. His form off the top ropes, as seen above, was halfway decent, he sold all of the action very well while he was in the ring and he even crushed his attempt at the hip toss. Seriously, check this out…

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It might sound like I’m giving Stephen Amell a whole lot of credit here, but anyone who has watched wrestling for a lot of years knows his performance was way better than what the normal actor/ musician/ athlete/ celebrity puts up. Ordinarily, the other performers have to do their best in order to just make the celeb look passable. It’s almost always sloppy and very rarely entertaining. It was different tonight, though. Amell has more than his share of natural form, and if he would have given this profession a go, he probably would have developed. Of course, those actor-like microphone skills would have helped a ton.

This showmanship would have been a big plus too…

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I’m not going to say Stephen Amell should quit his day job. We all love Arrow too much for that, but if he made the occasional wrestling appearance once a year or so for the next decade, I certainly wouldn’t complain either and neither would the notoriously hard to please wrestling fans.

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