It's just the right time in your life where nothing particularly interesting or noteworthy is happening, and you can safely devote many hours to binge-watching a TV show or ten. You take one last look at the blinking lights of the spaceship outside and close the curtains, asking your robot to bring you the remote and a light snack. Gliding over to your couch using your latest pair of hoverboots, you sit next to the clone of your best friend, wondering what to put on.

Wonder no longer, people, as these are the 14 best science fiction shows currently streaming on Netflix. They're just waiting for you to upload them into your eye sockets and dwell within the frames until the apocalypse comes and wipes us all away. I bet Netflix will still be around, though.


There is no brighter future for mankind than Matt Groening's colorful masterpiece Futurama, a show with a seemingly endless universe of story ideas that helped keep it refreshingly funny for at least as long as The Simpsons' golden era, with the help of being more spread out over the years, thanks to cancellations and direct-to-DVD movies. With writing that felt smart even when it was dumbed down for Fry, and a voice cast as strong as any cast in TV history, Futurama belongs in the annals of Shows That Every Human Being Must Watch, so that we can chain them up in front of the Hypnotoad should they not laugh uproariously. P. S. Hey, Netflix, we're still hoping you'll be the place that finally picks Futurama up for another season.

Available for streaming: All 7 seasons, plus the 4 Direct-To-DVD movies

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