Will Gilmore Girls Continue After Season 8? Here's What Lauren Graham Says

We know you're all excited to see the Netflix revival of Gilmore Girls, but now that filming on that miraculous event has finished it's time to ask the next logical question. Will we get even more Gilmore Girls after this? Star Lauren Graham has an answer for you.

There is no plan to do anything else, but she just made this up, Amy, the creator of the show because she liked Sherlock in the way that...sometimes they do three episodes, sometimes it's one, sometimes it's a movie with time travel. It's just whatever story dictates and for us it was always an oddball show wherever it was, so now it can just be what it is.

Lorelai Gilmore herself, Lauren Graham, spoke to E! News early this morning after helping to announce the 2016 Emmy nominations, and gave the network an idea of whether or not we can expect to see a Season 9 for the popular show. And, well...maybe? From Graham's comments it's pretty clear that there are no current plans to keep Gilmore Girls going past the four, 90 minute, seasonal movies that will comprise Season 8 of the family dramedy, but it seems like anything is possible. As Graham points out, show creator Amy Sherman-Palladino came up with the idea for Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life not that long ago, after the original show had been off the air for several years. Sherman-Palladino apparently used the PBS show Sherlock as inspiration for what the new Gilmore Girls could be, and settled on a type of storytelling that would allow for those four specials, which will each air in the particular season that they are set.

Gilmore Girls lasted from 2000 through 2007, ending its time on air on The CW. The show followed quirky single mom Lorelai Gilmore and her super smart teenage daughter Rory as they lived and loved in the small, fictional town of Stars Hollow, Connecticut. I happen to think that "oddball" is a bit strong of a word for the beloved show, but it was indeed something like nothing else on TV. The fast-talking characters spouted rapid-fire dialogue that was often filled with so many pop culture references that repeat viewings of the show almost always reveal info that was completely missed the first time around by the audience. It was funny and sweet without ever being saccharine, and offered up tons of feels before anyone had even thought to use that phrase.

And now, according to Lauren Graham, Gilmore Girls "can just be what it is." So, what exactly is that? It's a cool show that finally got a second chance at life after almost a decade off the air. If all the new episodes we get are from the soon-to-be-released Season 8 on Netflix, then we should count ourselves lucky.

Adrienne Jones
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