How Batman Could Still Join The CW's DC TV Shows

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With all of the comic book TV shows currently popping up across the primetime landscape, it should be hard for fans to complain about anything outside of show-specific nitpicking. Yet, I could easily air out some grievances over not having a live-action Batman anywhere on the small screen. But there is still a (presumably very small) chance that the Caped Crusader could still someday soon find his way to the interconnected world of The CW's DC TV shows. It's apparently just a matter of money and the right people giving the go-ahead.

Obviously money is involved, as it is with everything in entertainment and the Wayne family. Fox has reportedly been given a proposal to allow Batman and Bruce Wayne to cross studios, according to Bleeding Cool, and this non-playground version of sharing would most definitely cost The CW and/or its parent companies a pretty penny. Even though Fox's Gotham isn't ever really going to show Batman in his full persona.

If this is all true, and Fox does decide to allow the Bat-bills to fly by allowing playboy and secret knight of darkness Bruce Wayne to woo women and stomp criminals in The CW's established worlds, then I would need to take a step inside a soundproof booth to scream in excitement. (I'd need to build the booth first.) Arrow has already gone as far into Batman's territory as it could without giving Oliver a Batmobile, and we know that the creative team behind all these shows would love to get the iconic hero into the narrative. And these shows are nothing if not welcoming to new characters.

Actors Wentworth Miller and John Barrowman have recently signed on for series regular roles across all four of The CW's DC shows (also including The Flash and Supergirl), so adding Bruce Wayne in a similarly meaty crossover role would almost definitely boost ratings for all involved. Well, assuming he's handled correctly. Supergirl wasn't an instant smash for CBS, so its future on The CW isn't certain, though it will be fun to watch. (Especially if Batman and Superman join Supergirl in going ham on some baddies.)

If this is all true, and Fox does not decide to allow Batman into a shared deal, then it had better damned well have another plan for the character, and I'm talking before Gotham wraps up its run. (And I'm saying it in my big boy voice, so there.) Because that's just greedy, which is most certainly not how a billionaire acts.

Nothing is going to top the classic 1960s Batman TV series for what it was - Holy Bat-sphemy! - but it's high time Batman gets another crack at network television in the modern age. What supervillain do I need to contact to invent a device that puts "make it happen" dust inside the water bottles of everyone involved with this deal going through?

Nick Venable
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