The Supergirl Season 1 finale aired on April 18, and in the weeks since, fans waited to learn whether the show would be renewed or not. Yesterday, it was officially announced that Supergirl would return for a second season, but it won’t stay on CBS. Instead, the show is moving to The CW, which is also the channel where fellow DC Comics shows Arrow, The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow (and iZombie, which is part of the company’s Vertigo imprint) air. That network has proven it knows how to handle superhero TV series, so it will surely  be a great new home for Supergirl.

While it’s relieving for many to hear that Kara Zor-El’s adventures will continue on the small screen, this move is going to result in some changes. Some might make the production more difficult, while others will undoubtedly improve the show overall. These are the four big changes you can expect when Supergirl arrives on The CW.

Different Location
  Before the network change was announced, there were several reports about how Supergirl  might move its production from Los Angeles to Vancouver since shooting at the latter is significantly cheaper. Following the big announcement, star David Harewood (a.k.a. Hank Henshaw/J’onn J’onzz) tweeted that the show would indeed be moving to Vancouver, which is the same place where the CW’s other superhero shows are filmed. While Supergirl may still shoot establishing shots in Los Angeles to keep National City looking the same from above (much like what The Flash does in Portland, Oregon), the rest of what fans will see will be shot in Vancouver. Since Los Angeles is quite sunny and Vancouver, like the rest of the Pacific Northwest, is usually more cloudy and wet, this will obviously change how National City looks at ground level. Then there’s the matter of the sets. Will there be new versions of CatCo, the DEO and more locations reconstructed, or will they somehow be able to recreate them in Vancouver? We’ll have to wait and see.

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