Where Scorpion Season 3 Is Kicking Off

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Network dramas often have a knack for ending on cliffhangers, and CBS' Scorpion was not an exception when it ended out its second season this past spring. The fan-favorite drama left us wondering what was going on with several of the characters' relationships, including Happy's marriage reveal and Paige and Walter's interest. Luckily, it looks as if Scorpion plans to kick off nearly exactly where it left off. Speaking at San Diego Comic-Con, executive producer Nick Wootten revealed exactly where Season 3 will pick up. Here's what he had to say:

In terms of what's coming up this year there's a lot of stuff. You're gonna get resolution on a lot of things. We start off the season, first episode back, is pretty much a direct pickup from about a couple of hours from where we left off. So, we're gonna see what happens when Walter goes up to Tahoe... We're going to actually be taking characters in different directions as opposed to love interests.

While Wootten doesn't straight-up tell us the answers to the big reveals that will be coming in Season 3, he did say that fans of Scorpion and especially lead character Happy will be happy to learn exactly who Happy is married to in the upcoming season. The cast and crew also revealed that the relationships on the series will be getting more and more intimate as the gang grows closer and the show does not plan to do "the same thing every episode at all."

While the cast had only shot the two-hour premiere prior to appearing at Comic-Con, the cast does have the script for some of the other Season 3 episodes, and series lead Katharine McPhee says that Scorpion fans can look forward to an incredible second episode this season. In fact, she says Episode 2 might be her favorite episode the show has ever shot:

The [second] episode is one of our favorite episodes that we've had all the season. It's very exciting and it's very different than what the regular episodes have been. It's very cool.

Considering Scorpion is a show that has tackled subjects like MS, often features explosions, and tickles the audiences' fancies by providing plenty of witty "genius" dialog, it's difficult to believe that there's a Season 3 episode that could top what the CBS drama has already put together. However,

The two-hour premiere of Scorpion is going to be on October 3 and then the show will be moving into its regular timeslot. You can find out more about what CBS and the other networks have coming up this fall with our fall TV premiere schedule.

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