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The Vampire Diaries Will End After Season 8, Watch The Farewell Video

It's a sad day for fans of The Vampire Diaries. After plenty of rumors and some high profile comments from one of the stars, the CW finally came out and admitted what most fans have quietly and sadly known: the upcoming eighth season of the undead romance will be the show's last.

The announcement was made by Vampire Dairies creator Julie Plec to the fans in Ballroom 20 at San Diego Comic-Con this morning, and it was later followed up with a touching video the CW dropped. You can check out said farewell video below..

As you can imagine, the announcement was a little emotional for the cast, crew and fans, but the majority of people who either are involved with the show or watch it seem to understand now is the right time. Former lead Nina Dobrev is gone. The ratings aren't anywhere close to what they once were, and with everyone involved capable of moving on to other projects, there wasn't a big reason for anyone to keep it going.

Here's how Julie Plec put it during the panel...

"It's bittersweet and emotional."

It remains to be seen whether The Vampire Dairies will figure out a way to bring Nina Dobrev or her character Elena back at any point next season. She's, of course, not exactly a live, but that hasn't stopped shows in the past from employing flashbacks or bending reality in order to give fans one more time with a beloved character.

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