How Close Gotham Season 3 Will Get To Batman

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Despite the fact that Fox's Gotham has Bruce Wayne, Jim Gordon and features a whole slew of iconic Batman villains, Gotham has never been a series that is about the Caped Crusader himself. However, now that Gotham is really getting into the swing of things heading into Season 3, the cast and creative team have begun working toward a world where Batman needs to exist, to give people hope in a city run by villains. At San Diego Comic-Con, executive producer John Stephens shared how close Gotham will get to Batman next season.

That's what we're going towards, that's what this thing is. It's finding out how he became and about how the suit came about, how the car came about. There's so much that's never been filmed and so there's no rush... this is the best job I've ever had, so there's a long way to go before he makes those decisions.

Right now, Bruce Wayne is still a young man on the series. He's been working hard over the last couple of seasons to figure out who he wants to be as an individual. He's still driven by the murder of his parents, and he still relies on a support team to help him navigate young adulthood, but John Stephens also mentioned in the panel that Gotham isn't just sitting on its laurels and expecting Bruce Wayne to just one day wake up and be Batman. ( The show has already worked to develop Bruce Wayne's dual personality somewhat.) Stephens did say that, specifically in Season 3, we'll start to see Bruce Wayne become more physical, paving the way for him to be a true vigilante.

[We're] a long way from that but that's what the series is, seeing how we get there. But as the seasons go on, this season and next season, [Bruce] is going to become more and more physical and we'll see him exercising his abilities.

So, while Supergirl is getting some leeway to show Superman, Gotham is taking its sweet time about letting Bruce Wayne grow up. (This is probably a good thing, as David Mazouz is only 15.) Anyone who actually watches the Fox drama probably has already gotten the feeling that Batman is the natural endpoint for Gotham. In fact, the creative team has straight-up said that's going to be the last shot in the series; regardless, those comments about working toward getting the Batmobile and eventually coming up with the suit design do still get us pretty excited about what Gotham has coming on the Bruce Wayne-front in the time to come. As for Mazouz, he also mentioned in the Gotham panel that he's super excited about the suit Wayne wears as Batman, so maybe the young man will get to wear some incarnation of that, even if he's not fully Batman yet.

You can tune in and find out when Gotham returns to the schedule on Monday, September 19 at 8 p.m. ET, only on Fox. In addition, you can check out our other TV premiere dates, here.

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