How Many Crossovers The Flash Will Appear On

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The CW's DC TV-scape may not be up to par with Marvel's universe as far as number of projects and the budgets going into them, but Greg Berlanti and his massive team of writers and producers are just as good at delivering the interconnectivity through the increasing number of crossover episodes that viewers get on the different shows. And it sounds like this year is going to be bigger and better than ever, with Flash star Grant Gustin revealing to Cinema Blend during roundtable interviews at Comic-Con that he is already locked in for a handful of appearances on other show.

The crossovers, there's going to be way more this season than there have been in the last two, for sure. I've signed on to four. I'm doing at least four episodes of other shows.

Let's take a few seconds to jump for joy, or to dash around the room farting red lightning, if that's more your thing. By the very nature of Barry Allen being such a fun-loving and charismatic character, at least when his parents aren't getting murdered, Gustin is always a welcome arrival on another show. It's always been Arrow in the past, save for his cross-dimensional jump to Supergirl last year, so here's hoping he'll get to make a second appearance in National City at some point, as well as an initial jaunt over to Legends of Tomorrow, where-or-whenever those guys happen to be meddling with things.

Now, consider the fact that each of the CW's superhero shows is working on only on the second episode of their respective seasons. With another 21 episodes to be filmed over the next 8 months or so, there is the almost too likely possibility that the shows' creative teams will figure out more ways to work Barry other drama. After all, that Supergirl/Flash crossover was a no-go until a position change at CBS came about, and then the deal was made almost instantaneously.

Grant Gustin told us that setting up so many initial crossovers is a difficult thing, particularly where each show's lead are concerned, since it requires major scheduling strategies. But the actor implied two years of practice has helped iron out most of the kinks.

It is fun. I think this year, we have a little bit of foresight and we're planning it a little better.

And let's be real here. We know that three of those crossovers that Grant Gustin has planned are going to be part of the four-series crossover event set for later this year, where we'll probably see many of each show's actors stopping by their fellow heroes' home turfs for some villain-stomping adventures. After hearing Gustin's voice on the Vixen web series, it'll be great if he gets to mix it up with the new/old Vixen on Legends of Tomorrow Season 2. I'd love if he did two Supergirl episodes this year, to do whatever he can to help keep that show's audience around after the move from CBS.

When Season 3 of The Flash kicks off, fans will be thrown right into the Flashpoint storyline set up by Barry saving his mother from Reverse-Flash. It will all start to really mess with Barry, along with throwing a giant wrench into the timeline by altering others' lives and causing changes with the metahumans. It will hopefully be one of the craziest events of the fall season, especially if Cisco is a bazillionaire.

The Flash is set to return to The CW for its twisty-turny Season 3 on Tuesday, October 4 at 8 p.m. ET.

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