True Blood Creator Has Another Dark HBO Drama On The Way, Get The Details

If you loved HBO's True Blood, you might be in for a treat soon. Alan Ball, that show's creator, has another project in the works and it sounds like it could be equally dark and twisted.

A report from Deadline says that True Blood and Six Feet Under creator Alan Ball is working on a new untitled series for HBO, which has already received a full series order from the network. Ball just signed a new two year deal with HBO, where he's been creating and producing shows for the past 15 years. The currently untitled series, which is being billed as "tragicomic," will focus on a middle class family, comprised of a lawyer, her philosophy professor husband, their three adopted children (one each from Vietnam, Colombia and Somalia) and their one biological child. While the family appears very modern and seems to have it all together, there are some deep problems in the household. On top of those familial tensions, one of the kids starts to see things that no one else can. The family then has to figure out what the hell is going on. Is the kid losing his or her mind, or is something supernatural going on?

OK, I'll admit, I'm already super intrigued. Alan Ball worked on a pretty straight ahead family drama with Six Feet Under, but anyone who checked out True Blood's vampire/shapeshifter/werewolf soaked madness during its seven seasons on the air will know that that show was batshit cray-cray. So, it really will be a toss up as to whether or not truly freaky shenanigans are going on in this multi-cultural family. While I really enjoyed Six Feet Under and found it completely addictive, I am absolutely hoping for something nutty and otherworldly to be going on with the "I'm seeing things" kid. Demonic possession, anyone? Spirits good and evil? Beings from the eighth dimension who've crossed over via a portal in the kid's bedroom? Aliens? Oh, my. Can it be all these things, please? It would make me so, so happy.

Alan Ball first gained mainstream attention for writing the 1999 film American Beauty. That movie became a solid critical and financial hit, and went on to win 103 awards, including 5 Oscars, one of which was for Ball's work on the screenplay. Six Feet Under ran for five seasons on HBO and was also a critical darling. That show was nominated for over 40 Primetime Emmys during the course of its run. The very supernatural True Blood also became a flagship show for the network, lasting from 2008 until 2014 and receiving 133 total award nominations.

Well, Alan Ball certainly knows what he's doing when it comes to drama and dark comedy. My hope for this new show is that it will be as fiercely entertaining as his others and that it will be popular enough for me to get thoroughly addicted to it. There's no word yet on when the show will air, but we'll keep you updated with information as it arises.

Adrienne Jones
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