Kevin Smith Knows How Supergirl's Season Ends And His Opinion Will Get You Pumped

If you weren’t already aware, pop culture aficionado Kevin Smith recently directed an episode of The Flash that will zip over to our TVs next month. While he’s already shared some tidbits about what we can expect from his cinematic cohort Jason Mewes’ cameo, the filmmaker is also gabbing about fellow DC drama Supergirl, and he dropped some exciting and spoiler-free hints about where things are going for the rest of the season.

While telling stories about his experiences on The Flash set, Smith said that he was able to learn all kinds of details about upcoming episodes from the crew, and that the subject then jumped across conversational dimensions to CBS’ Girl of Steel.

But they were talking about the crossover in a way that it was the first of many, and they told me something that I'm not going to fucking share because it will ruin the end of the season for you, but it is amazing. Something's happening that will affect Supergirl in such a great way that, you think it's like cute puppies and fucking kittens now? You are going to cry when you see how beautiful this fucking thing is.

Lots of stuff to get jazzed about from that brief bit of profanity-laced lauding, particularly Supergirl/Kara going through something that could make us so emotional that crying is the only solution. Deaths are always a cause for blubbering, but Smith seems to be saying that whatever happens is a very positive thing. No surprise there, given how Supergirl is the most upbeat of all the superhero series on the air right now. But what could it be?

Doesn’t seem like a work promotion would do the trick, nor any kind of advancement in Kara’s romantic life. Perhaps it will have something to do with her foster father Jeremiah Danvers or her mother Alura? I also don’t get why knowing what it is would ruin the end of the season for anyone. But I’m more than willing to wait to find out what it is.

Immediately after Kevin Smith talked about crying, it was pointed out that he cries over a lot of stuff, so it might not be the same reaction everyone has. But you don’t need to have loosey-goosey tear ducts to grasp how outstanding it is that the producers talked to him about the Flash/Supergirl crossover being just one in a potentially long line of them. Now, we were already hoping that we’d get to see Melissa Benoist mixing it up with all the other heroes in the DC TV Universe, from Star City’s elite to the time-traveling squad trying to stop Vandal Savage, and this seems to confirm that plans are being made to get these casts together as often as they can. Assuming Supergirl makes it to Season 2 that is.

You can check out the entire podcast episode below, which also dips into Marvel TV shows and Batman v Superman.

Supergirl will be back on CBS on Monday, April 11, for its final stretch of episodes. Meanwhile, The Flash is back on Tuesday night for more Zoom-tastic storytelling, and Kevin Smith’s episode is set to air on May 10.

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