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Why Adele Turned Down The Super Bowl

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The Super Bowl has made some major headlines in recent years for signing on major pop singers like Katy Perry and Bruno Mars to headline the halftime show. It seems that this year, the big production hoped to land another huge singer: Adele. However, the singer revealed over the weekend that she has no interest in tying herself to a sports event like the Super Bowl. Here's why:

First of all, I'm not doing the Super Bowl. I mean, come on, come on, I mean that show is not about music. And I don't really -- I can't dance or anything like that. They were very kind, they did ask me, but I said no. I'm sorry.

Adele's in the middle of a super popular tour right now. Over the weekend, she was performing in Los Angeles when she decided to address the crowd regarding getting courted for the Super Bowl gig. While onstage she had a lot to say about why she heard out the NFL but ultimately decided to say no to the job. Basically, it looks as if Adele said no because she felt like the event is more about football than about the musical break in the middle. That's not a totally unfair assessment, but she did also mention to the crowd that she might have a different answer down the line if a Super Bowl opportunity were to come up again.

News broke earlier this week that Adele was being courted by the NFL to appear at Super Bowl 51. At the time, the news wasn't concrete, but it looks like the singer was at least in initial talks with the league to potentially be the person headlining the halftime role. However, while she frequently sells out huge stadiums, Adele doesn't really feel as if she would be the best fit to headline the halftime show. She also mentions dancing in her comments, which was kind-of joke-y but also a valid point. Adele's the sort of singer who stands near a microphone and belts out ballads. There's far less spectacle; She's not bringing out left sharks or getting bootylicious like Beyonce. She's definitely more of a stripped down sort of show.

With Adele's refusal out in the open now, that leaves the Super Bowl 51 halftime show without an official musical headliner. Still, there's plenty of time before the NFL needs to officially sign someone on for the event. Super Bowl 51 doesn't air until Sunday, February 5, 2017 . We'll keep you updated, regardless of which pop singer, rockstar or other performer nabs the huge job.

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