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If there's one thing you can count on from a Greg Berlanti superhero show, it's the cast of characters that surround the hero. Where would The Flash be without Cisco and Caitlin or Arrow without Diggle? The same can be said for Supergirl, where the title hero is surrounded by characters who support her in and out of costume. In Season 2 - which looks to be amping things up a notch for its move to the CW - one of these characters is going to get a bit more of the spotlight and it's entirely fitting. J'onn J'onzz, the Martian Manhunter, is going to be getting his own story in Season 2.

While speaking with Collider, executive producer Andrew Kreisberg revealed that J'onn will be getting his own meaty plot in the new episodes. A lot of J'onn's new drama will be dealing with new addition Miss Martian, one of the surviving inhabitants of Mars and the latest alien to come to Earth.

Part of the reason we're bringing on Miss Martian is to give J'onn his own story this year and his own emotional ride, meeting her and having this tie to his home world that he thought he would never have again. As he has to keep reminding people, he's been here for 300 years and isolated for most of it. Last year, with his relationship with Alex and his relationship with Kara, he started to come out of his shell a little bit and wasn't quite so afraid to show who he really was. So, in getting to interact with M'gann, he's going to have a whole new person with which to share his martian experience. We think it's going to be a great story.

Supergirl is going to be introducing a few new characters this season, such as Tyler Hoechlin's take on Superman and Chris Woods as Mon-El, but one character, in particular, will hit close to home for J'onn. Sharon Leal was cast as Miss Martian, J'onn's "niece" and one last living members of the Martian race. While her inclusion in the show will no doubt make Young Justice fans happy, J'onn will have to come to terms with suddenly not being the last of his people. This should give actor David Harewood plenty of material to work with.

Supergirl martian manhunter

The surprise twist that Martian Manhunter was a main character in Supergirl was one of the highlights of Season 1. It makes complete sense to up the character's role a bit and give him more focus. While Supergirl will no doubt be grappling with the inclusion of Mon-El, it's interesting that Manhunter will be going through a similar situation with Miss Martian. Plus, you can never go wrong with getting a usually pretty serious character to lighten up a bit. Now if only we can see him eat more Chocos...

Supergirl will be returning to the air on Monday, October 10 at 8 p.m. ET on the CW. To find out when more of your favorite shows are returning, check out the CinemaBlend fall TV premiere schedule.

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