Supergirl Just Cast Another Comic Book Character

Miss Martian Supergirl

The CW very clearly isn't messing around when it comes to beloved comic book characters. With the addition of Supergirl to the Arrow-verse, the network has kicked its take on the DC mythos into high gear by endeavoring to introduce an army of classic heroes and villains. We already know that a ton of Earth-based characters will soon debut on the hit series, but now it seems that Supergirl will also look to the stars for its growing roster. Teen Titans fans, prepare to get excited because we've just learned that the iconic, green-skinned Miss Martian will soon make her debut on the Kryptonian's solo series.

Amid all of the fantastic Arrow-verse news stories to come out of the latest TCA events (Via it recently came to light that M'gann M'orzz a.k.a Miss Martian will soon join the Supergirl ensemble. Beyond that, the reveal also indicated that Supergirl has already cast its Miss Martian in the form of Dreamgirls' Sharon Leal -- who will join David Harewood's Martian Manhunter as the next newcomer from the red planet. However, as excited as we feel about this development, the exact nature and scope of her role on Supergirl remains to be seen. Is she a hero or a villain? We simply don't know yet.

Miss Martian Sharon Leal

Miss Martian's arrival within the Supergirl mythos makes quite a bit of sense at this point. The series has already firmly established the existence of her "uncle," Martian Manhunter, as well as the existence of the White Martians. For those of you who don't already know, Miss Martian is actually a member of the villainous and oppressive White Martian race, who takes it upon herself to change her form into that of a Green Martian so that she can become a hero and do some good. She's an incredibly powerful character who often hides that strength behind her gentler, girlish façade. If Supergirl goes with a traditional depiction of the character then that's what we can likely expect.

Although Miss Martian began her life in the realm of DC Comics, she arguably gained the most fame among mainstream fans for her portrayal in the now legendary (yet criminally short-lived) animated series, Young Justice. Like most of her depictions, that particular series showed her as an incredibly powerful White Martian with strong romantic ties to Superman's clone/son Connor Kent a.k.a Superboy. There's no guaranteed indication of Connor Kent's arrival on Supergirl in the near future, but the show most certainly planted seeds for such a debut during its first season finale. Could love be in the air after all?

We will bring you more information related to Supergirl (as well as the impending debut of Miss Martian) as more information becomes available to us. Supergirl's second season will officially make the jump to The CW on Monday, October 10 at 8 p.m. EST. For now, make sure to check out CinemaBlend's comprehensive fall premiere guide for more information regarding all of the most highly anticipated upcoming television debuts.

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