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Watch Grace VanderWaal Light Up Her Latest America's Got Talent Appearance

The judges have repeated over and over again this season that many of the performers America's Got Talent have attracted this season are top notch. One of those excellent performers has been Grace VanderWaal, the 12-year-old singer and songwriter who earned the golden buzzer from Howie during her first performance on the NBC competitions series. This week, she performed in the semi-finals, and while we've yet to see if she moved forward, her performance was a total doozy. You can check out the song that she wrote herself, below.

When we first met Grace VanderWaal, we learned she writes her own songs. She also plays the ukulele and has several instruments to choose from before appearing on the stage. In her second big performance, Grace VanderWaal proved she isn't just a one-hit wonder, lighting up the stage with a song about living life your own way and feeling exuberant. It was a pretty grown-up song for someone so young, as well, and the audience certainly ate it up as she belted out the lyrics. The judges liked it, as well, and new judge Simon Cowell had some really nice things to say about the singer:

This is very simple. Every idea comes from you--the songs come from you--and you sing for a new generation. I am so flattered you chose to come on America's Got Talent.

Of course, she faces some stiff competition. People love the pizza-boy-turned-jazz-singer who clawed his way back from elimination. They also really love the comedic tour de force Tape Face, who has yet to speak a word during the competition. There are plenty of other competitors with big fanbases as well, including singers, magicians and more, and I wouldn't be shocked to see others grow more popular as the competition continually gets narrowed down.

The one con to being a singer on America's Got Talent is that you are often competing against a slew of really talented singers. Grace VanderWaal has a leg up because her voice is extremely unique (although some watchers believe it's a little too breathy). She also writes her own music and puts together pretty incredible song concepts for someone as young as she is. It also probably helps that Simon Cowell compared her to Taylor Swift during her first time on the stage. We'll have to wait and see if these things help her over the long haul, however.

America's Got Talent will be on again tonight, and it looks like the "Dunkin' Save" will be in play once more. We'll let you know if there are any shocking eliminations and more. In the meantime, you can check out what else is heading to TV with our fall premiere schedule.

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