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Kevin Smith, and his fans, stood up and cheered when he was chosen to direct an episode of The Flash last season. Then the cheers started up again when we all found out he was heading back behind the camera for Season 3. Now we know how this episode will differ from his previous one.

Oh, that's intriguing. Kevin Smith posted this teaser about his next episode of The Flash on his Twitter page, and it sounds like we'll be in for a treat when the episode airs. Kevin Smith isn't exactly known for directing action-packed films, but he certainly proved himself as someone who can work with whatever material The Flash throws at him. His first episode of the show, "The Runaway Dinosaur," was also a show that people might have been surprised was helmed by the director.

That episode focused on Barry disappearing after Team Flash tried to recreate the particle accelerator explosion, and coming into contact with several embodiments of the speed force that powers him and all the speedsters he's come into contact with. The speed force appeared as a variety of loved ones from Barry's life, including Joe, Iris and Barry's mother. He was able to talk to "her" for the first time since right before she died when he was a little boy, which led to the Kevin Smith helmed show being far more thoughtful, quiet and melancholy than anyone could have imagined. And, you know, it was just plain good.

Of course, there's another reason why Kevin Smith is perfectly suited for anything The Flash can throw at him: he's a huge DC fan. He probably knows every major story arc that has been used in the comics, and can take any storyline for the show and make it feel as deep as anything the show could come up with. Aside from being a DC fan, Smith is so much of a fan of The Flash that he actually had his agent call executive producer Andrew Kreisberg so he could get a shot at directing the episode last season. That was clearly an opportunity that the producers of the show felt they couldn't pass up.

Everyone came away from that experience feeling like it was a match made in heaven. It afforded Smith the opportunity to direct something that came from the mind of someone other than himself, and it still turned out to be 42 minutes that he's admitted he thinks is his favorite thing he's ever directed. The man might be a DC on The CW director for life now.

We can all see how action-filled and exciting Kevin Smith's new episode of The Flash is when Season 3 premieres on October 4, and airs during the first half of the season.

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