Two Smallville Producers Are Putting Together A Brand New Series, Here's What We Know


It's been five years since Smallville ended its run on the CW, and most of the people involved with the series have moved on to newer projects on the big or small screen. This idea even extends to the producers on the series, as we've learned Turi Meyer and Al Septien have landed a brand new gig with NBC called Unidentified. While it should be nice to see the creative get back in action, there are also some other big names attached to the potential drama.

First and foremost, Chuck and Heroes Reborn actor Zachary Levi is also started to get into the producing game. He will be executive producing with the aforementioned Turi Meyer and Al Septien. The Smallville and Salem producers will be the showrunners should Unidentified move forward. Sean Finnegan, who is also writing Unidentified, will co-executive produce. Also signed on as co-executive producers are Erik Olsen and Justin Allen.

Currently the project is in the early stage of development, so we don't know which actors will be signed on. Interestingly, Heroes Reborn was not picked up for a second season on NBC, so Zachary Levi should also be looking for a more long-term gig. He's currently signed on to appear in Alias Grace, the miniseries that is coming together thanks to Sarah Polley and that is based on the book of the same name by Margaret Atwood. However, that's not a program that is expected to continue on and on, like network TV has the potential to do.

It doesn't seem as if Unidentified is a project that Zachary Levi is as interested in pursuing in a starring role on NBC, but it's not as if the plot is totally out of his wheelhouse. Deadline says Unidentified will be a sci fi project and a thriller. Some components will be less out there than others, as the general premise will follow a CIA agent. He'll have a "secret" that he is trying to keep from those who are most important to him.

This early in the year, it's very difficult to tell which projects will move forward at the major networks and which will get passed on. It's so early, in fact that some of the projects that are currently in development will not even move to the pilot stage. But if that does happen, we'll let you know who nabs the leads roles on Unidentified. In the meantime, I plan to secretly harbor a hope that Tom Welling is somehow involved. After all, the Smallville actor has been hoping to break back into TV for a while.

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