The Flash Is Making A Big Change To One Character In Season 3

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We knew that Team Flash was going to have its collective hands full when Season 3 of The Flash kicked off, considering there are going to be not only two Big Bads, but also a ton of other comic book villains that want to bring both Barry and Central City down. Thankfully, he'll get to have some super-powered help on his side as well, as it appears to have been confirmed that Violett Beane's Jesse will indeed make her first appearance in costume as Jesse Quick for the upcoming season. So what does that mean?

We already knew that actress Violett Beane would be returning to The Flash for its third season, but it was completely up in the air as far as what she would be doing for her appearance, or how big of an appearance it will be. And while part of that is still without an answer, one famed autograph hound recently took to Twitter to post that a trip to the set landed an autograph from the actress, who was in costume at the time. And while this should also be taken with a grain of salt, it was stated Jesse Quick's costume had red pants "like Grant" and didn't involve a blonde wig, so no worries about Beane changing her hair.

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Because this is The Flash, there is no easy explanation for how or why Jesse Quick is around, or what she'll be doing. The simplest explanation goes back to Earth-2 Jesse getting speed-dusted when Barry disappeared during the second accelerator explosion, meaning she would naturally (so to speak) turn into her comic book counterpart. But Wally was also dusted there, and his debut as Kid Flash isn't coming during the normal timeline, but in the Flashpoint mini-arc. That early-season narrative isn't supposed to last all that long, though, so I'm not sure that Violett Beane would still be rocking out a Flashpoint character at this point in the filming. But perhaps...

The other obvious solution, of course, is that we'll get to meet a different version of Jesse from a different Earth. We haven't been introduced to her Earth-1 self, who could perhaps exist in a similar way if O.G. Harrison Wells didn't get taken over by Reverse-Flash. And the Season 2 finale revealed that Earth-3's Jay Garrick was the man in the mask that whole time, so there's that iteration of Jesse out there as well.

Let's hope she's around for a while, though, as Barry & Co. could use whatever they can get. Expect to see them get harassed and thrown into danger's way by the speedster Savitar, the chemistry-minded Doctor Alchemy, the ego-driven Mirror Master, the dizzifying Top and many more. Not to mention the villain all-star team of Reverse-Flash, Captain Cold and others. And that's just the first half of Season 3.

The Flash will introduce its plethora of speed demons and speed angels when Season 3 debuts on The CW on Tuesday, October 4, at 8:00 p.m. ET. To see when everything else will hit the small screen before and after that, check out our fall TV schedule.

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