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Season 1 of Fox's horror comedy Scream Queens did the seemingly unthinkable by introducing the impeccable Jamie Lee Curtis to modern primetime TV, while Season 2 will introduce two generations of heartthrobs in Taylor Lautner and John Stamos. The latter will not be the only sitcom star being admitted to the hospital-set sophomore season, as Scream Queens is upping its female power by bringing in small screen vet Kirstie Alley. And it won't be a short-lived gig, either. Pun not necessarily intended.

While Jamie Lee Curtis' former college dean Cathy Munsch is still the head woman 'round these parts as the owner of this season's haunt-filled medical facility, the Emmy-winning Kirstie Alley has signed on as a regular to play the hospital's head administrator, so we can probably expect their heads to butt at times. (Possibly to the point of unconsciousness for one of them, given this show's appreciation for quasi-slapstick violence.) She will be "brilliant and devious," though, according to TVLine, so perhaps Alley and Ms. Munsch will have more in common than just a workplace.

For my tastes, joining Scream Queens is one of the best things Kirstie Alley has ever done in her career, and it's a nice change from the sitcom-heavy areas she's gone in the past. In his still-young TV takeover, Ryan Murphy has boosted the career of actors both new and established, and Kirstie Alley could follow in the revived footsteps of Jessica Lange and Kathy Bates with this gig. She definitely has the sass required.

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With an early career boasting TV roles on Masquerade and North and South, Kirstie Alley hit the big time by joining the upper echelon of TV comedy with Cheers as Rebecca Howe. (Replacing but never eclipsing Shelley Long's Diane Chambers.) Alley hasn't really put together anything quite as memorable once Cheers bowed out, which isn't to say she hasn't been busy, as she's led the comedies Veronica's Closet, Fat Actress and Kirstie, the latter two of which were cancelled after one season. Most recently, she appeared on episodes of The Middle and Will Arnett's Netflix comedy Flaked.

There's no denying Scream Queens is killing it in the casting department, as not only will Season 2 introduce Alley, John Stamos and Taylor Lautner, but we'll also get to see Saturday Night Live vet Cheri Oteri appear for at least one story in the many horror-centric narrative that will shed light on the hospital's sordid history, while Glee vet James Earl will be around all season. Returning stars include Emma Roberts, Lea Michele, Abigail Breslin, Billie Lourd, Keke Palmer, Niecy Nash and Glen Powell. (And maybe more down the road.)

Scream Queens will put viewers into surgery when Season 2 debuts on Fox on Tuesday, September 20. To see when everything else is coming to the small screen later this year, check out our fall TV schedule.

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