Regular Show Is Ending, Will Not Return For Season 9

the regular show

All great shows must come to an end, and one of Cartoon Network's most likable animated adventure comedies is doing just that. This morning, we learned Regular Show is ending on the cabler, but it's not all bad news. If you've been keeping tabs on the animated comedy, you should know that Regular Show is already scheduled to return for Season 8. So, fans will get a slew of new episodes before the show officially ends its run.

This is actually great news for fans, as Season 7 ended on what Cartoon Network is cheekily referring to as a "massive cliffhanger," which featured The Park getting ripped from the planet and taking its occupants with it. Because of how networks and renewal orders work, shows shockingly end on cliffhangers all the time and then get cancelled before particular storylines can be resolved. Luckily, this won't be happening with Regular Show, which is expected to air new episodes through January of 2017. That should give fans plenty of time to get used to the idea that the series is ending and will not be back for Season 9.

Cartoon Network also let us know that Regular Show Season 8 is expected to take place entirely in space, with Mordecai, Rigby and the gang also acclimating to their new surroundings. You can take a look at a clip from an upcoming episode, below.

Executive producer and voice actor JG Quintel also mentioned in a network release that Season 8 will end in "a big, big way" and that the entire storyline will come "full circle." As the creative team is not stating it was their decision to end the show, this seems to be Cartoon Network's idea, but that hasn't been confirmed by the network. (And likely won't be.)

Shows end on Cartoon Network all the time, but Regular Show wasn't a one or two season blip on the channel's radar. More than 250 episodes of the series have been produced, and Regular Show is a well-known and popular property for the network. Long-running properties occasionally will come back, sometimes on the same and sometimes other networks, so if you do love the show, I highly suggest continuing to watch the show in syndication and keep it viable.

The show will be missed, both for its quality television content, but also its wacky characters and excellent musical taste. Luckily, you can catch new episodes starting on Monday, September 26 at 8 p.m ET. To find out when the rest of your favorite TV programs are returning, check out our fall TV premiere schedule.

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