Fuller House Just Recast One Of D.J.'s Old Boyfriends

As would be expected from a show geared toward a built-in fanbase, Netflix's Fuller House has shown no hesitation in revisiting the past to kick up some nostalgia with Full House fans. For Season 2, the sitcom is bringing back D.J.'s old boyfriend Nelson Burkhard, but actor Jason Marsden won't be reprising the role. A substitution has been found, though, and audiences can expect to see comedian and TV vet Hal Sparks donning...whatever rich person clothes Nelson would wear as an adult. Probably not this.

lab rats hal sparks

Hal Sparks, whose name and face are probably most familiar to anyone who spent hours watching VH1's various I Love the Decades and Everything Else series, will take on the role of Nelson for a Season 2 episode that will take place during a reunion at D.J.'s high school. Well, I guess it's also Nelson's high school, and his family was wealthy enough to make that legally binding. Apparently he hasn't changed a bit, so it's up to Sparks to play a not-that-pompous guy who has no problem showing off his wealth to win people over. It might not win an Emmy, but I bet it'll be a hoot.

Jason Marsden was in four episodes of Full House as D.J.'s temporary boyfriend who got totally jilted, while the actor had a much longer stay on fellow TGIF sitcom Step By Step. Attempts were made to get the actor back for Fuller House, but Marsden revealed recently that it was his decision not to go back to the role; he's far more into voice acting at this point in his career anyway.

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Hal Sparks has done quite a bit of voicework over the years as well, along with an assortment of other on-screen duties that accompany his stand-up career. He's currently best known for the highly popular Disney Channel series Lab Rats, and was also the host of the game show 20Q, a regular on the acclaimed Showtime drama Queer as Folk, a fish in Dr. Doolittle 2 and more. I don't think taking on the role of Nelson Burkhart is going to stump him.

Fuller House is also bringing back D.J.'s friendly rival Kathy Santoni for the reunion episode, and I can only hope that other cameos will come up that won't be announced. I don't need predictability, or a milk man or paper boy. We'll also get to see New Kids on the Block stopping by to make D.J.'s birthday dreams come true, as well as Joey's wife and children. A wild assortment of appearances happening there.

Season 2 of Fuller House doesn't yet have a release date locked down, and not even Nelson's money can buy that info. But you can see when all your other favorite shows are coming with our Netflix premiere schedule and our fall TV schedule.

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