Fuller House Is Recasting 2 Original Characters

As the Disney revival Girl Meets World has shown us time and again over the course of its three seasons, bringing back only a few original characters to a follow-up series just won't cut it. The more is also apparently the merrier for fellow TGIF spinoff Fuller House, which will bring back more Full House characters to Netflix for Season 2. But two of them won't be very familiar, as casting is currently ongoing for new actors to play the roles of D.J.'s former boyfriend Nelson Burkhard and her former friend/rival Kathy Santoni.

There's a pretty solid reason for D.J. to once again run into her former school mates that doesn't involve randomly bumping into them in the expanse that is San Francisco. Ms. Tanner-Fuller has a high school reunion coming up, people! And it sounds like things will be much the same for both Nelson and Kathy, perhaps in the same way that D.J. is living a bizzaro version of her father's life.

full house d.j. nelson

As seen above, Jason Marsden was the original Nelson, who popped in for a handful of episodes as a bespectacled rich kid who was absolutely head over heels for D.J., though she didn't exactly share the feelings. This gave us the real Sophie's Choice moment in Full House when D.J. had to choose between Jason and the guitarist Viper. It isn't clear if Nelson has any hard feelings about how things went down in the past, but he apparently has enough houses and boats and other luxuries to keep himself busy. It seems like Marsden, whose career has shifted to voice roles, would be available to come back for this, but oh well.

full house kathy

Kathy Santoni was originally played by Anne Marie McEvoy, who ended up leaving the acting world not long after her last appearance. The character was hinted at more often than she actually appeared, with both D.J. and Kimmy having their predispositions about Kathy and her reputation. Speaking of, TVLine reports she will be just as catty and pregnant as she was in Full House proper. (You might recall Danny's mental collapse when he considers D.J. getting pregnant as a teen like Kathy did.) At least D.J. can share stories of that type now.

Fuller House Season 2, which will also be giving audiences an appearance from New Kids on the Block and the first look at Joey's family, doesn't yet have a release window set in stone, but we'll probably get to see it in early 2017. For everything else coming to Netflix later this year, check out our premiere schedule.

Of course, the light conversation related to this is nothing compared to what happened with the Olsen Twins who refused to appear on Season One. Recently, we finally got the real reason why. Click here to find out.

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