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When The Defenders hits Netflix, fans are going to get a series like no others before it, with all four of Marvel's current street-level heroes joining forces to keep New York City safe. Just as they'll be learning to work together, each hero has his or her own supporting characters that will come in and out of the mix, and the latest comic book face that has been unveiled for The Defenders is Luke Cage's Misty Knight. So it won't just be genetically superpowered people kicking ass in the super-spinoff.

Thankfully, this news comes straight from the source, as actress Simone Missick herself made the reveal that her Harlem detective Misty Knight will also appear in The Defenders. That is, of course, unless everyone in charge decides that Missick spoke way too soon about her role in the upcoming team-up. Here's how she jokingly put it to TheWrap.

I believe I'm safe to say that I will be on The Defenders. Spoiler alert! If I lose my job because of this interview, sorry! I was supposed to be on The Defenders, until I got fired.

Misty Knight would break the fourth wall by escaping Luke Cage and entering our reality specifically to bust the head of anyone who tried to keep her out of The Defenders. Simone Missick is a really fantastic element of Luke Cage - read more about her in our review - and there's no mystery behind why showrunners Douglas Petrie and Marco Ramirez chose to import her from the musically-driven drama. If they want to bring her along to Daredevil Season 3 next year, maybe she could talk some sense into Matt from time to time.

Without much of an idea as to how The Defenders is going to go down, we don't have a big guess for what Missick's appearance will offer. The four protagonists involved here are definitely going to cause a lot of trouble and city damage, so it's not hard to make the general assumption that a whole lot of cops are going to be involved. And they might as well bring in one of the best detectives out there if they want to get shit done. I dunno what "shit" involves there, but Misty Knight can handle it.

Simone Missick is only the latest of Netflix's MCU actors to sign on for the spinoff miniseries. We'd previously learned that three Daredevil characters will be a part of things, with Rosario Dawson's Claire Temple connecting things, at least one appearance coming from Elden Henson's Foggy Nelson, and perhaps a larger overarching role from Scott Glenn's Stick. From Jessica Jones, we have the titular character's neighbor and friend Malcolm Ducasse, played by Eka Darville, getting involved in some capacity. And it seems very likely that Carrie-Anne Moss' Jeri Hogarth will also show up, given she's also been in Daredevil and will appear in Iron Fist.

The Defenders unfortunately won't be popping up on Netflix until some time next year, following the release of Iron Fist. And there are other Marvel shows on the way as well. But before all that, we'll get to spend some real time with Simone Missick's Misty Knight when Luke Cage hits the streaming service on Friday, September 30. Check out everything else heading to the small screen with our fall TV schedule.

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