One Marvel Supporting Character Who Will Definitely Be In The Defenders

Netflix really pulled out all the stops it could for Marvel fans during Comic-Con, using the event to unleash a ton of new Luke Cage footage, as well as first looks at Iron Fist and the upcoming Defenders miniseries. And it was at this past weekend's London Film and Comic-Con that news broke concerning a particular MCU character that we can expect to see showing up in the Defenders team-up: Daredevil lawyer and occasional barfly Foggy Nelson.

It makes a lot of sense that Foggy will get some face-time during The Defenders, considering he was Matt Murdock's best buddy and business partner. Things definitely hit a sour note for Nelson and Murdock in both seasons of Daredevil, particularly where we last left them, when Foggy was approached for a new job by Jessica Jones regular Jeri Hogarth at her firm. And since we already know she'll be appearing in Defenders (as well as Iron Fist), it fits that Foggy would be a part of her team when we see Hogarth again for the crossover event.

At least that's how I assume it will happen. News of Elden Henson's involvement in The Defenders came from a Foggy Nelson Tumblr page, as the woman who runs it attended the Comic-Con in London over the weekend. According to the post, Henson was contacted about reprising the role again by Marvel, but he had no details to offer by way of how he'll be included. The actor is apparently excited about Luke Cage, though, so here's hoping we get to see Mike Colter and Henson in a heated arm wrestling match at some point.

foggy nelson daredevil

It was announced recently the order in which Netflix's future Marvel series will be released, confirming that Daredevil Season 3 will enter the schedule at some point after The Defenders airs. Had it come before, perhaps the rift between Matt and Foggy could have been either completely healed or further developed, making his presence during the miniseries' events less important. But since that break in trust will all still be relatively fresh for the two men, as well as Karen, it would have been weird for Foggy not to show up in some capacity.

Though we don't get to see Foggy or anyone new in the Defenders teaser that was released, we do get to hear another Daredevil character doing the narration; Scott Glenn's Stick seems to have a pretty important role to play in the adventures that await Marvel's street-level supergroup. Check that teaser out below.

While no release date has been set for The Defenders just yet, fans will get to spend a lot more time with one-fourth of the lineup when Luke Cage makes his long awaited debut on Netflix on Friday, September 30, at 12 a.m. PT. To see when everything else is premiering later this year, check out our fall TV schedule.

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