The Hilarious Way Jessica Jones and Luke Cage Weighed In On Netflix’s Crash

Luke Cage finally premiered this weekend and it's getting tons of critical praise right now. This made it all the worse when some Netflix users logged on yesterday to find that the streaming services servers had crashed and they couldn't play even one episode. It sounds like Netflix has fixed the problem now, but some still felt burned for the time they missed out binging. Good thing the Luke Cage and Jessica Jones Twitter accounts stepped in to ease the blow.

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This tweet is from Jessica Jones and she wants everyone to just stop asking about the crash already. She had absolutely nothing to do with it, people. The cheeky gif is of the lights slowly turning back on with Jessica right in the center. Jessica Jones was the second Marvel Netflix series and helped to introduce Luke Cage before his own series hit the following year. In that case, it's only right that the Luke Cage Twitter follow suit with their own hilarious reaction to the crash.

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The above tweet imagines how Netflix must be moving to get their servers back up and have everyone stop being mean to it. The gif is of series villain Cornell "Cottonmouth" Stokes furiously beating some poor soul (who shall remain nameless for spoiler reasons). It's a pretty accurate gif of what Netflix must be going to get everything back up and running. Now we just have to wait for Daredevil to post something and all the Marvel Netflix shows will be accounted for.

Both Jessica Jones and Luke Cage have premiered to critical acclaim. Jessica Jones was celebrated for its wry sense of humor, a thematic resonance of overcoming personal trauma, and its creepy villain Kilgrave. Though people are still in the middle of binging Luke Cage, it's getting praise for its intense focus on diversity, giving the show a wholly unique feel from both its predecessors and most of the current superhero landscape. Both shows features charismatic lead characters, which only makes the wait of seeing them team up in The Defenders all the longer.

At least we can rule out that Jessica Jones didn't crash Netflix. Now that the streaming service is back up everyone can get back to watching Luke Cage in one weekend so that no one can spoil anything for you. In the meantime, keep it here at CinemaBlend for all future updates on the Marvel Netflix shows.

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