Netflix Is Converting Hundreds Of Coffee Shops Into Versions Of Luke's Diner From Gilmore Girls

luke's diner

Netflix has spent the last few months gearing up for the premiere of Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life. We've seen some snaps from the set, the first trailer and images from the upcoming revival and more, but Netflix isn't stopping there when it comes to getting us pumped for the return of the Gilmore gals. We recently learned that the subscription streaming service is planning 250 pop-ups of Luke's Diner across the United States so that Gilmore Girls fans everywhere can sip perfectly brewed coffee out of wildly large mugs.

There aren't coffee shops popping up in Stars Hollow-sized towns everywhere, but there are coffee shops popping up in a lot of major cities across the United States. To make it easy to find one that's at least semi-near you, there's a website that lists all of the coffee houses that have signed on to become Luke's pop-ups for the day, and it looks like there is at least one option in ever state. Obviously, each coffee house won't be able to look exactly like the quaint shop Luke Danes put together, but they will be stocked with the essentials. This includes branded aprons and t-shirts, per Eater. Other "surprises" have also been promised, and I'm hopeful that means backwards baseball caps and plaid shirts will also be worn by employees just for fun. I, for one, plan to go full early 2000s with my wardrobe.

The Luke's pop-ups are happening extremely fast, too. They are set to happen in multiple states on October 5. There's a reason these pop-ups are happening more than a month before the premiere of Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life. The reason they are happening so early is actually pretty stinkin' cute, too. October 5 is actually the anniversary of the original pilot's airdate.

The Gilmore Girls has plenty of memorable sets. Some of them, like Emily and Richard Gilmore's home are outside of Stars Hollow, but a lot of them are in the fictional town themselves. Luke's Diner is clearly the location that sets itself up best for a pop-up, although they probably got the idea from the similar Friends pop-up that happened a few years ago. So, it may not be the newest idea we've ever seen, but it doesn't make it is any less exciting. All in all, it should be a good way to celebrate the revival, which is well underway at this point.

If you'd like to get in on any of the pop-ups, you can do so between 7 a.m. and 12 p.m. on October 5. If you can't make the pop-up, you can always catch the series when it premieres on November 25 at 12:01 a.m. PT, only on Netflix. In addition, you can find out what we know about the unofficial Season 8 here. You can also check out what other shows the subscription streaming service has coming up with our Netflix TV premiere schedule.

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