What Scott Patterson Thinks Of Reprising Luke Danes In Gilmore Girls

Gilmore Girls fans everywhere seemed to win the lottery when it was announced that the show would be producing new episodes for Netflix. This excitement only increased after a handful of the original cast members were confirmed to reprise their roles in the upcoming reboot. One of those cast members is Scott Patterson, who played diner owner and love interest for Lorelai, Luke Danes through the original seven seasons of Gilmore Girls. Patterson recently took to his social media to express his feelings when returning to Luke’s baseball cap and plaid shirt:

I am thrilled Warner Bros and Netflix have gathered us all once more for a return to Stars Hollow. We have an unbelievably talented cast, and with Amy Sherman-Palladino and Dan Palladino’s rich writing and character development, the story continues its timeless arc. I’m excited to see where the characters are now, and find out where and how they develop. I am happy to be back working with my friends and cast-mates, but even more thrilled for the fans. All of this is because of them, and without our fans, none of this would have been possible. Luke’s Diner is now open for business!

This statement, which comes to us from Vulture, certainly seems like Scott Patterson is ready to make a return and provide Lorelai and Rory with ample amounts of coffee during the Gilmore Girls reboot. And why wouldn’t he be? His role as Luke Danes is the credit which Patterson is most known for, with the exception of his role in the Saw franchise. Patterson helped increase the hype around the reboot while posting the following image on his social media.


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News of Scott Patterson’s return has been particularly exciting for Gilmore Girls fans. When the comedy was cancelled, it seemed that Luke and Lorelai might be willing and able to repair their failed relationship and try it out again. Of course, we never got to see what happened with their love because Season 7’s finale ended up being how the series ended. Here’s hoping that we’ll get to see Luke and Lorelai as a couple again. Because we knew they were meant for each other since the pilot.

We’ll continue to update you on more Gilmore Girls details as they become public. 

Corey Chichizola
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