Outlander Just Cast Marsali, Check Her Out

Outlander has been busy gearing up for Season 3 over the last few months. Anyone who is a little bit familiar with Diana Gabaldon's "Voyager" novel should know that the series is about to introduce a few brand new characters that will continue to be important throughout the show's history. Marsali has finally been cast and she will be played by none other than Lauren Lyle. You can check out the newcomer actress, below.

marsali outlander

Lauren Lyle hasn't popped up in a slew of TV series, yet, which is why we don't have a better look at the actress, who has appeared in guest stints on programs like Broken and Holby City. Her role on Outlander will be much bigger, however. Marsali isn't a main character on the series by any means, but she will be super important to the events in Season 3. In addition, she becomes a key player later on in the Outlander novels and should be important to the Starz series.

We're about to get into book spoilers related to Diana Gabaldon's novels, so if you'd like to go into the TV series' third season with a fresh perspective, now is a great time to bail and check out one of our other wonderful articles. Marsali is a character who becomes important to the storyline after Claire returns to her own time and Jamie returns from prison. She's the daughter of Laoghaire, who has had a slightly larger role in the TV series than in the books. I don't want to get too deeply into why Laoghaire returns to the plot, but Marsali does become important because she falls in love with a grown Fergus. The actress will be 18 when we meet her as part of the "Voyager" timeline.

Speaking of Fergus, Starz has also revealed that the show has found an adult actor to play the older version of Fergus. It's still likely we'll see some of young Fergus during Season 3, but eventually timelines will force the cheeky character to be replaced by someone older. César Domboy has been signed on in the role. You may have seen the actor in the French projects Borgia and Resistance.

Eventually Jamie and Claire's stories will converge and they will go on a long journey that Fergus and Marsali will also be involved in. When we get there, Outlander is going to be a very different show, indeed. You can find out what to expect when Outlander returns to the schedule sometime in 2017, although we probably need to prepare to see the series on the schedule later than usual. In addition, you can find out what we know about the upcoming episodes with our Season 3 guide.

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