How Jamie Will Age In Outlander Season 3, According To Sam Heughan

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Outlander just finished out its second season run this weekend, but the Starz drama has already been renewed for Season 3 and the cast is already looking forward to the changes we'll be seeing as the cast ages up for the new episodes. Recently, Sam Heughan talked about looking forward to aging on Outlander and revealed exactly how he hopes Jamie will age during Season 3. Here is his amusing commentary:

It's fine, we're getting put out to pasture and we can just get fat. I've already started. Surely [Jamie's] got a bit of a beer belly. I'm going to take it upon myself to age ungracefully. I think Fat Jamie is what everyone wants to see.

Alright, so Sam Heughan's comments to IGN may be a little bit jokey, as Ron Moore has recently revealed that Jamie hasn't sat down for makeup tests and his overall look for Season 3 hasn't totally come together, yet. But, since the third book in the Outlander series jumps ahead a significant amount of time from where we left off for Jamie especially, we certainly know some changes are coming. If this means the fit Sam Heughan can lay off the exercise a little bit, so be it. He's probably the type that would still be handsome with a bit of a beer belly and some grey in his hair.

The Outlander Season 2 finale gave us a glimpse of what an older version of Claire will look like. She's the same size as her younger self, but her face has been aged up a bit and there's a streak or two of grey in her hair. Parts of Season 2 showed that Claire had jumped back to her own time and had a grown daughter by the 1960s. Later we learned she had left Scotland and the past just before the Battle of Culloden, where she assumed Jamie had died. In the final moments of Season 2, it became clear that Jamie had survived the battle, which opens up the door for Claire to return to the past in Season 3 and meet her now-aged lover once more.

We're about to get into some book spoilers, so you can feel free to bail here if you'd like Season 3 to be a big surprise. Diana Gabaldon's third book in the popular series Starz's Outlander is based on features Claire returning to Jamie's time. She eventually finds where Jamie has gone--Edinburgh--and travels there to meet him before they take a major voyage that will change and shape the course of the rest of their lives. Of course, by the time Claire gets back to Jamie, he will be much older, as well.

Season 3 of Outlander won't be premiering on Starz for quite some time. However, if you'd like to know what Season 3 has in store, here's what we do know about the upcoming episodes.

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