Luke Cage’s Simone Missick Teases Misty Knight’s Iconic Comic Book Weapon

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Possible spoilers for Luke Cage ahead.

Comic book fans are a serious group of people. Because following the superheroic adventures in both the Marvel and DC universe is a lifestyle for many, they can have strong opinions/expectations when their favorite character is being adapted onto TV and film. We've seen this in every new venture of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, including the various Netflix shows that are currently streaming. Case in point: Luke Cage's Misty Knight, who made a serious splash in the MCU with her first live action appearance. Misty has a "superpower" in that she can look at evidence and see exactly how crimes went down, but in the comics she also has another advantage which comic book fans are dying to see on the small screen.

In the Luke Cage comic books, Misty Knight loses her arm during her crime fighting adventures. As such, Tony Stark aka Iron Man equips her with a robot arm which grants her some super strength. This moment was highly anticipated for Luke Cage, and was teased when Misty's arm is injured late in the season. Now actress Simone Missick has addressed Misty's bionic arm, saying:

I think it was a great kind of teaser for the fans you know because everyone wants Misty to have that arm. I've never seen anyone want me to lose an appendage more. So I think that they wanted to play with that and give people the 'Will it happen or will it not?'

Very sneaky, Marvel. They're definitely messing with us, but there may be a silver lining in this subtle form of emotional manipulation.

Simone Missick's statement comes to us from IGN, where she recently sat down to do a filmed interview. Although we're all disappointed that Misty didn't get a bionic arm in season one of Luke Cage, that doesn't mean it's not happening anytime soon. According to Missick, the team behind Luke Cage understands how fans are anticipating Misty's arm, and are toying with them on purpose. Considering that, it stands to reason that the arm may still be coming.

In addition to her starring role on Luke Cage, Misty Knight has a few other appearances in the Marvel Cinematic Universe coming. Simone Missick is set to appear at least once in the upcoming series Iron Fist. This makes a great deal of sense, as the comics portray Misty as best friends with the female lead of Iron Fist- Colleen Wing. Plus, Misty is also going to be seen on screen in the Defenders miniseries, which will bring all four of the Netflix heroes and their allies together to face a greater threat. This might be the most logical time for Misty to suffer a serious injury, as Luke and company might not be able to protect her from whatever villainy they're facing.

Are you ready for Misty Knight to get a super powered arm? Or is it a little too far fetched? Sound off in the comments below.

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