How The Legion Of Doom Will Come Together On Legends Of Tomorrow

Legends of Tomorrow will be bigger than ever in Season 2 as the good guys face off against a whole team of the baddest of the bad guys. The Legion of Doom is on its way, and it will be comprised of some of the most epic villains of The CW's DC Universe. Arrow's Malcolm Merlyn and Damien Darhk will join The Flash's Captain Cold and Eobard Thawne in menacing the Legends through time and space. Actor Matt Letscher will reprise his role as Thawne, and he had this to say about Thawne's role in bringing together the Legion of Doom:

It comes along slowly, they find each other. I mean, he seems to be the driving force behind it at this point. Over the course of the beginning of the season, they find each other in various points in time, literally, various points in the vast timeline. And they start to work together as the Legion of Doom to cause trouble in the timeline.

Ever since the news broke that Legends of Tomorrow would be forming the Legion of Doom in Season 2, fans have had to wonder just how such a motley crew of bad guys from two different shows would come together as a team. Matt Letscher's reveal to Access Hollywood goes a long way to explain how these four bad guys decide to be bad together.

the flash reverse flash

If they can be plucked out of different points in the timeline, there's no need to explain how Damien Darhk is alive or why Captain Cold is back to villainizing after his heroic turn in Legends of Tomorrow Season 1. Timeline shenanigans should definitely make it easier to avoid thinking too hard about how Eobard Thawne actually exists after everything that has happened to him over on The Flash. Malcolm Merlyn is the only one who can believably be picked up out of the present.

Matt Letscher's tease that Eobard Thawne will be instrumental in gathering the members of the Legion of Doom could explain why a Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 trailer indicated that a future version of Barry Allen may be in a lot of trouble. If Thawne has a squad of fellow villains and the ability to travel through time, the 2056 version of Barry could need some serious help. Hopefully the Scarlet Speedster will be as spry in his fifties as he is in his twenties.

Legends of Tomorrow executive producer Marc Guggenheim has already said that the Legends will have to focus on acting as the Time Masters in Season 2 after they ended the Time Masters in Season 1; the establishment of the Legion of Doom member by member could be a massive challenge for them in their new roles. Hopefully the Justice Society will be able to help. My fingers are crossed that we'll get a scene of the bad guys trying to decide what to name themselves before settling on "Legion of Doom." The campiness would be glorious.

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