When Miley Cyrus Will Be Back On The Voice

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The Voice has been on the air for 11 seasons, now, and while Blake Shelton and Adam Levine have been constants on the series through its run, the show has featured a rotating cast of mentors in the other two chairs. This season we've seen Miley Cyrus take over one of the chairs, and now NBC has revealed she's not going to be done with The Voice after one season. However, she's not going to be back next season, either. Here's how that works.

(Image credit: Photo courtesy of NBC.)

This week, NBC explained the judges lineups for Season 12 and 13, which is a big deal because it basically confirms the show has already been renewed for the next two seasons. The year 2017 is totally covered in the TV schedule, now, at least where The Voice is concerned. Next season, Blake Shelton, Adam Levine and Alicia Keys will be back for another go. In addition, Gwen Stefani has decided to give the show another try and will be back for the first time since Season 9. The judges for Season 13 have not officially been announced, yet, but NBC has definitely locked down Miley Cyrus for Season 13, which the network says will air during the fall of 2017. I'm assuming Shelton and Levine will be back, as well, but you never know what could happen with a reality competition series.

The Season 12 news is actually pretty exciting, because it will mark two seasons in a row when the mentoring panel has been made up of two lady musicians and two male musicians. Early incarnations of The Voice only featured one female judge (Christina Aguilera early on) working with three other male mentors. The gender balance is a bit more exciting, although I really like it when the judges span a wide range of different musical genres and styles.

Currently, The Voice is doing pretty well with Miley Cyrus on board. Reports have indicated that the younger pop star has helped NBC's long-running competition series to gain new ground with the younger crowd and specifically the 18-49 advertising demographic. People really seem to like Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton's rapport on the small screen, so it will be nice to see that back in Season 12, but you can't blame NBC for wanting those advertising dollars.

Season 11 is currently in full swing. The chair rounds ended a short while ago and the new episodes are well into the Battle rounds, which have been vicious as usual. If you would like to catch a new episode of the series you can do so on Monday and Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. ET, only on NBC. To see what else the major networks have yet to premiere, also check out our fall TV premiere schedule for all new and returning dates.

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