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The Flash And The 100 Creators Are Teaming Up For A Wild New Show

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Greg Berlanti has been at the center of good TV for many years now, but his career jumped through the stratosphere with the creation of Arrow, The Flash and the rest of The CW's DC TV universe(s). And for his next genre-bending project, the producer and his Berlanti Prods. banner are teaming up with The 100 creator Jason Rothenberg for a crazy mystery drama called Searchers. And yes, The CW is the network that bought it up.

Searchers, not to be confused with one of the best films ever, will center on a group of people who take on the unforeseen roles of heroes as their lives head in a grand new direction. A logic-minded man and his nonconformist sister come together, for better or worse, a decade after the death of their parents, when it's discovered the baffling stories their mother used to tell them were far closer to the truth than they thought. From there, a world of unexplained myths, mysteries and legends is unlocked for the siblings. Sounds great to me, assuming the shocking deaths are kept to a minimum at first. And that they get Tom Cavanagh involved

Jason Rothenberg will be putting his writing skills to work for the action-adventure, according to Deadline, and Searchers will also boast him as an executive producer alongside Berlanti. The project does indeed sound like a suitable mashing of both creators' interests. The 100 is about characters making wild discoveries about a world that was long hidden from them (just go with it), while Legends of Tomorrow takes care of that whole "people who wouldn't otherwise team up come together to take on extraordinary circumstances." This will be Rothenberg's first big project since The 100 premiered - it's now on the way to Season 4 - and it's a hell of an exciting one to run with.

While Rothenberg might not have a whole lot on his plate besides Searchers for the near future, Greg Berlanti and his production company have been landing new projects left and right. Most exciting for comic fans will no doubt be the Black Lightning show that has a pilot being set up at Fox, or perhaps the long-awaited Booster Gold movie currently in the works. Outside of costumed heroics, he's also got the drama Deception with writer Chris Fedak at ABC, along with the drama Criminal from Blindspot creator Martin Gero and Brendan Gall. As well, Berlanti is working on Jake Coburn's drama The Marquis, Diablo Cody's comedy Raised By Wolves, and Ed Gozalez & Jeremy Haft's drama Casa. And those are just the ones with titles, as he also has a couple of unnamed projects in development. Yikes.

We're not sure how long we'll be waiting to hear if Searchers will share its secrets with the rest of the world, but in the meantime, you can check out the currently airing Season 3 of The Flash on Tuesday nights on The CW, with Season 4 of The 100 set to debut in the midseason.

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